(Will travel if you are interested for your group of women and can create an entire retreat weekend – contact me for more details on what that would look like) 

LBNB Workshops and Retreats

Two and a half  hour workshop- $25.00 a person

Five Hour Mini Retreat. – $85.00 a person

The workshop and mini retreat were designed for the woman (any age)  in mind, who can not get away to a spiritual retreat for an entire weekend.  I have created  these  to bring the retreat to you in workshop form.

All supplies are included in the price.

All you bring are a journal, a pen  and an open heart.

Here are the “juicy” details on what each workshop/retreat consists of:

2 Hour Workshop –

Great little seminar for mid week small group get togethers.  In our two hours together you will learn what it means to “Live Brave, Not Broken” by understanding these three concepts.

1.  Accepting your broken places

2. Looking at life beyond the broken places

3.  Cultivating gratitude

Activations in this workshop will include:

 ~Learning how to clear your mind through prayer and journaling. *

~Creating a handmade gratitude journal

*Activations are subject to change.

5 Hour Mini Retreat. 

Not only will we touch on the subjects discussed in the two hour workshop but we will also dive into what it means to live a FULL life based on my five principals for finding JOY.  And learning that by being vulnerable, we are on our way to living a wholehearted life.

1. Be Still

2. Be thankful

3. Be Valuable

4. Be Present

5.  Be Peaceful

Our activations will include –

*Centering Prayer

*Creating Handmade gratitude journals

*Two therapeutic art experiences using art mediums that might include, acrylic paint, watercolors, canvas, collage, oil pastels, etc.

Again for both of these workshops –  ALL SUPPLIES ARE COVERED.  

Fill out the form below if you are interested and have a group of women who might be interested.

You must be able to gather atleast 5 women  and provide a space large  and quiet enough for every one  to engage in these life-giving principals and activations.

The hostess is free.

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