Big Bang Love

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************ When I was younger, I thought I would met my Prince Charming one day, the next day I would be in love, the day after that we'd plan a wedding and the rest would be history. I expected a BIG BANG moment. Fireworks and … Continue reading Big Bang Love

Let Me Entertain You

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************   Let me entertain you. That would be easier. Easier than opening up to you. It would be easy to create a story, so you can't see my pain.   Let me entertain you. Something - interesting. Enticing. Alluring. I will tell wild tales … Continue reading Let Me Entertain You

Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

Today's post comes from Live Brave founder, Lesley Glenn.  The wind can really mess things up. What was once in order is quickly scattered into chaos. It's amazing how weather can often parallel our lives. When the unexpected comes, it's like the wind.  It messes with our entire being. We start to question, "WHO AM … Continue reading Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

Beautiful Scars

Today's post come from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn.   The image I see is not mine. Tears They trickle hotly down my cheeks. Cancer has branded me. Scars that mark my battle. A daily reminder, Of an enemy that wants to rob me of my identity. Steal my purpose. Destroy my future. … Continue reading Beautiful Scars

How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

Today's post is from our Live Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn.  It's always good to reflect.  To look back and see how far you have progressed. [or not]   As my husband recently wrote  in our last post on our Miraculous Life blog, Each stage of life is miraculous.  Babies are precious, raising kids … Continue reading How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

Keeping the Conversation {Open}

Hi, I’m Laura Krämer and I choose to be vulnerable with my soul journey for the hope others will draw near to God. That’s me. It’s what I have as a bio on my blog and social media. It’s how you know me. It’s who I am. Or is it? The further I get into … Continue reading Keeping the Conversation {Open}

Faith 101

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson  2:00 P.M. Saturday afternoon. Although my curtains are drawn and block out the majority of the rays, I can still see the reflection of light on my bedroom walls; I turn my face into the pillow. For some reason, today, the sun reminds me … Continue reading Faith 101