Big Bang Love

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************ When I was younger, I thought I would met my Prince Charming one day, the next day I would be in love, the day after that we'd plan a wedding and the rest would be history. I expected a BIG BANG moment. Fireworks and … Continue reading Big Bang Love

When fear is no longer in control

Today's post is by our Brave Writer, Angela Giles Klocke This weekend, I learned there is a very real difference between fear and nervousness. As I readied myself to present my story of abuse and the red flags that I “missed,” I realized that the slight quiver running through my body was normal, regular nervousness, … Continue reading When fear is no longer in control

The Rainbow Storm

Today's post comes from our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. The Rainbow Storm She walked in the desert, Kicking the small rocks aside, Head down, sweat pouring. Cracking the tumbleweeds under her feet. Glancing up to make sure she could still see. Hands were in her pocket, Defeat on her mind, Stuck in this heat. … Continue reading The Rainbow Storm

Deep Eyes

Today's post is written by Brave Writer, Melanie Neilson. Deep Eyes I let myself breath deeply the fresh air as I closed my eyes and thanked God for allowing me to return.  I could hear the sounds of children laughing, chickens clucking, mommas yelling and a fire popping.  Kicking off my shoes I stepped into … Continue reading Deep Eyes

Stepping Out

Today's post is by our Brave Poet, Cindy Powell I'm stepping out I'm stepping out of the boat I'm stepping into the unknown And I'm choosing to trust I can't pretend I can't pretend I'm not afraid I can't pretend because You already know Yet still You call me I'm stepping out I'm stepping out … Continue reading Stepping Out

Go with the {Flow}.

Today's post is by our founder and creator, Live Brave Artist, Lesley Glenn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flow -  to move along steadily in a continuous stream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your life was designed to FLOW alongside the one who made you whole. Your FLOW was always meant to be unique. Happiness is a FLOW of life. You were designed … Continue reading Go with the {Flow}.

I Am Not Alone

Today's post is written by Brave Writer, Melanie Neilson. My feet hit the cold, hard floor. My mind tries to focus.  A quick breath escapes my lungs. I am alone. Half awake.  A strange voice echoes down the hall.  “Time for meds.”  What meds? Where am I? I am alone. An antiseptic aroma invades my … Continue reading I Am Not Alone

How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

Today's post is from our Live Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn.  It's always good to reflect.  To look back and see how far you have progressed. [or not]   As my husband recently wrote  in our last post on our Miraculous Life blog, Each stage of life is miraculous.  Babies are precious, raising kids … Continue reading How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.

Today's post is written by our brave writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson. It was a Sunday afternoon.  Lesley had begun to pray and I resisted the strong urge to release my tears from their thresholds. I refused to let a single tear shed from my eyes, as I did not desire to make a scene of … Continue reading Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.

My Brave Journey with Cancer – An Update

Today's post comes from Live Brave, Not Broken's founder, Lesley Glenn. Today, I am writing on the Miraculous Life blog that I share with my husband.  I am finally going  public with the diagnosis that moved me to Live Brave, Not Broken.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining myself and the … Continue reading My Brave Journey with Cancer – An Update