Telling my story one day at a time.

Hi, my name is Lesley and my goal is to live my life, authentically me. I always thought I did this, however after being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and kicking the social media frenzy, I realized that I had no idea who "authentic Lesley" was. I lost her in the midst of … Continue reading Telling my story one day at a time.

A Lover’s Light. {Part III of IV}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... For what is the purpose of life when she lives in fear of the light? The soil has become tainted by pesticides. That which once shielded me has now become my enemy. I worry that the solution to my newfound sadness is also its … Continue reading A Lover’s Light. {Part III of IV}

The Rainbow Storm

Today's post comes from our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. The Rainbow Storm She walked in the desert, Kicking the small rocks aside, Head down, sweat pouring. Cracking the tumbleweeds under her feet. Glancing up to make sure she could still see. Hands were in her pocket, Defeat on her mind, Stuck in this heat. … Continue reading The Rainbow Storm


Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson  Perseverance: "Blessed is the [woman] who perseveres under trial, because when [she] has stood the test, [she] will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." -James 1:12 (*changes made so that I can't justify that only men are … Continue reading Perseverance.

Dear Diary, I {don’t} want to be brave

Sometimes my writing reads more like entries in a diary. They start with the hard facts to process and then the heart takes over and bleeds on paper. The thing about diary writing is they never resolve. There is never a neat and tidy ending because you don’t know the ending. You are living in … Continue reading Dear Diary, I {don’t} want to be brave


Transition: change, passage, move,transformation, conversion, metamorphosis, alteration, shift, switch, jump, leap,progression; progress, development, evolution, flux. I sat on the edge of the bed, with my suitcase packed, looking at the phone in my hand. I had just hung up with my husband and he asked me, "Are you ready to come home?" The answer came out of my mouth faster than it probably should have. "No." I replied. … Continue reading Transitions