Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I am sitting here, literally "dripping" in sweat. In 10 days, myself and four friends will be driving down to Arizona, to backpack  to one of the most beautiful places here in the United States. Havasupai.  And if you know anything about getting reservations to get down there, is nothing short of a little miracle.   … Continue reading Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I love my life….. Even with cancer.

Last Saturday, June 4th, I participated in my first trail run with my husband Mike and our dear friends, Stephanie and Daniel. I have been hiking for over a year....climbing mountains with steep elevation gains, so I thought this would not be a huge challenge.  I only ran the 5K (3.3 mi) and  my husband took … Continue reading I love my life….. Even with cancer.

Take A Hike: Los Pinos Peak

No hiking for me today.  Besides a bum knee, (from a stupid fall, while walking the dog)  I am also dealing with a shoulder injury that I am currently in physical therapy for.   Oh FUN!!  I am not supposed to pack any weight for a month.  So unless I want to re-injure it, I … Continue reading Take A Hike: Los Pinos Peak

My life is a crap shoot.

This blog was originally posted on the Living Beyond Breast Cancer website on September 21, 2015 for their #beyondthebreast campaign. While you are reading this, I am attempting my first climb up Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 at 14,505 feet. The stats say that 2 out of 3 people who attempt … Continue reading My life is a crap shoot.

Why us “Oligo’s” often feel like we don’t belong.

It's probably a new word to many, as it was to me a year ago.  I am one of the unique cases, diagnosed with Oligometasatic disease. Definition of Oligometastatic Disease • Oligometastasis is an intermediate state of cancer spread between localized disease and widespread metastases. • The metastases are limited to a single or limited … Continue reading Why us “Oligo’s” often feel like we don’t belong.

On With Life: A Cancer Update

On Tuesday of this week, I had my regular 6 month PET CT scan, to evaluate the status of the cancer that has taken it's residence in my shoulder. This morning I received my results. Back in April, I attended a conference for women living with advanced stage breast cancer in Philadelphia.   I fell … Continue reading On With Life: A Cancer Update