Love for Cooking  and Miso Soup 

Growing up in Hawaii, I was exposed to a melting pot of cultures, not to mention my own diverse nationalities of Hawaiian, Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, and Native American.  My mom cooked home made meals most every day,  and we always sat together as a family. In any given week, we might have kalua pig, pork … Continue reading Love for Cooking  and Miso Soup 

Sunday Kitchen: Soupe Aux Choux-Garbure

Sunday's are one of my favorite days, especially during the fall months. The weather gets cooler, its time to pull out the decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Football is on so my boys are usually home. And its the day, I designate in trying new recipes. For me cooking is one of my love … Continue reading Sunday Kitchen: Soupe Aux Choux-Garbure

Sunday Kitchen: Fennel Salad

My recipes, are pretty much a disaster, housed in random folders and drawers around my kitchen.  For years I have been wanting to get them all organized but was always at a loss on how best to do it until I came upon Project Life.   A simple and fun way to get all of these … Continue reading Sunday Kitchen: Fennel Salad