Drawn By Love {Part 1}

Today's post comes from Brave Artist and Founder, Lesley Glenn. Brave Writer, Melanie, is down sick with the flu. So, I am stepping in for her today. This is a repost, from 2011. Much has happened since I originally posted this blog, and the rest of the story will be told with Part 2 on … Continue reading Drawn By Love {Part 1}

Parenting [Not How You Expected]

Today's post is written by our Brave Writer, Lindsay Munoz The one thing I have learned about parenting, is that it doesn't turn out the way you expect it to. I always envisioned myself as this patient and kind parent who always exhibited self control. Oh, and I would definitely NOT be a yeller. Having … Continue reading Parenting [Not How You Expected]


Transition: change, passage, move,transformation, conversion, metamorphosis, alteration, shift, switch, jump, leap,progression; progress, development, evolution, flux. I sat on the edge of the bed, with my suitcase packed, looking at the phone in my hand. I had just hung up with my husband and he asked me, "Are you ready to come home?" The answer came out of my mouth faster than it probably should have. "No." I replied. … Continue reading Transitions

Raising {Brave} Children

    We lay side by side on my bed. Just hanging out.  Like best girlfriends. Not saying much but relishing our last few moments of being together as mom and daughter before she leaves for college. She has always been my cuddle bug, moving into a hug, grabbing my hand and intertwining her fingers … Continue reading Raising {Brave} Children