Healing Odyssey #48 – {Dear Benefactor}

  Dear Friend, My name is Lesley Glenn, I am a 51 year old wife, mother of (3) adult children, hiker, creative, friend, daughter, sister, cancer advocate, and a thriver of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This past October, I was able, through a generous donation ,  to participate in the Healing Odyssey #48 retreat. … Continue reading Healing Odyssey #48 – {Dear Benefactor}

Meditating in the Paint

I haven't been sleeping well lately. The hormone therapy I am on for the cancer, has brought on menopause  "fast and furious."  The hot flashes are intense, and I find myself in the a tug of war with my bedding every night as the fan sits inches away from my body in oscillation mode, desperately … Continue reading Meditating in the Paint


Today’s post is written by Brave Writer, Lorretta Stembridge *************************************** Last week I danced on the fringes of this thought: "Rescue and redemption are costly." If that's true then, what am I willing to spend for wholeness? It's a question lurking at the edges of my mind for a while. You know how you get to … Continue reading spent

Healing Comes With Time

Today’s Post is written by our Brave Writer: Karen Asbra They brought us into Labor and Delivery room. Room number 2.  I put on the necessary hospital gown and waited for the nurse to start the tests.  As I lay on the bed, my husband at my side, the nurse moved a heart monitor across … Continue reading Healing Comes With Time

I Don’t Want to {Lose} You

This weekend I sat in my car in a parking lot and cried. Not the quiet single tear slipping down my cheek kind of crying. But the big kind of crying that makes noises—lots of noises. I was by myself; well, except for the guy in the yellow car parked next to me. But I … Continue reading I Don’t Want to {Lose} You

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

As a young girl, I was silenced. "Children should be seen and not heard" It was the prison I lived in for the first 13 years of life. When my parents divorced.  I found my voice. It was ladened in rebellion, an open resistance to the establishment (family) in which I was raised. My teen … Continue reading When A Woman Finds Her Voice