Bravado. {Part IV of IV}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... It is in the dance of a maimed danseuse that the true love for her chorus can be found. Her sole purpose of creation to sway in the winds of the melodies that once held nothing but, in her perseverance, have gained meaning. Fearlessly she leaps with no … Continue reading Bravado. {Part IV of IV}

A Lover’s Light. {Part III of IV}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... For what is the purpose of life when she lives in fear of the light? The soil has become tainted by pesticides. That which once shielded me has now become my enemy. I worry that the solution to my newfound sadness is also its … Continue reading A Lover’s Light. {Part III of IV}

Welcome to ALIVE to THRIVE Friday. Alive to Thrive Friday is here.  This is my introductory video, so bear with me, as I work out my editing and vlogging skills.   I am EXCITED! I hope you enjoy it and please leave me a comment or email me with any questions at You can automatically subscribe to the weekly … Continue reading Welcome to ALIVE to THRIVE Friday.

Me {First}.

Today's post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn I am not sure when it happened in the 30 years of being a Christian. Or how it happened. I just know it did. The indoctrination of "giving it all away, in the name of Jesus." Maybe I did it to myself. Maybe I … Continue reading Me {First}.

Deep Eyes

Today's post is written by Brave Writer, Melanie Neilson. Deep Eyes I let myself breath deeply the fresh air as I closed my eyes and thanked God for allowing me to return.  I could hear the sounds of children laughing, chickens clucking, mommas yelling and a fire popping.  Kicking off my shoes I stepped into … Continue reading Deep Eyes


Today's post is from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn.  I plugged in my earphones, and opened my lap top to engage in my morning meditation/contemplative prayer ritual. My  iTunes started to play music, and I thought it a tad strange because I had not opened this app for probably a week.  The impression … Continue reading Rebirth

Go with the {Flow}.

Today's post is by our founder and creator, Live Brave Artist, Lesley Glenn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flow -  to move along steadily in a continuous stream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your life was designed to FLOW alongside the one who made you whole. Your FLOW was always meant to be unique. Happiness is a FLOW of life. You were designed … Continue reading Go with the {Flow}.

Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... Crushed in humility and flowered with mercy. I am not perfect. Apologies on the forefront beside fear. The courage I feigned, wavering at the possible rejections. I can't answer all my questions. Why must love be tough? Why do friendships die? Why can't I … Continue reading Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Parenting [Not How You Expected]

Today's post is written by our Brave Writer, Lindsay Munoz The one thing I have learned about parenting, is that it doesn't turn out the way you expect it to. I always envisioned myself as this patient and kind parent who always exhibited self control. Oh, and I would definitely NOT be a yeller. Having … Continue reading Parenting [Not How You Expected]

{Taking Inventory}

Today's post comes from our Live-Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn. The words above are not mine.  I found them penned in someone else's journal and they surged through my soul. One might think that wanting to live for yourself and desiring the most out of your gifts, talents, relationships, community, or  job is  selfish. … Continue reading {Taking Inventory}