{25 years} and a 6 mile….oops, 9 mile hike.

25 years!!! We made it.....to our silver anniversary. Who would'a thought it? I guess I did, come on, or I would not have gotten married in the first place. I could write and reminisce about all the ups and downs but I don't want to....sometimes its good to not relive all the tough times you … Continue reading {25 years} and a 6 mile….oops, 9 mile hike.

Iceland Adventure: Day 2.

Our second day on the island was a FULL one. Mike ended up getting to meet with potential clients to find out if his company could import Icelandic fish directly into Los Angeles.  Can you say.....Synchronicity?  (and tax write off?) Gudmundur , the fresh fish sales manager of Iceland Seafood, picked us up bright and … Continue reading Iceland Adventure: Day 2.

Iceland Adventure: Day 1.

Day 1.   We spent 14 hours on planes and in airports. We left LAX at 8am on Wednesday. We arrived at Keflavik airport at 5:45am on Thursday.   A couple things to note upon arriving in Iceland.  Buy all of your alcohol at the airport through duty free.  Otherwise you will pay 40% more … Continue reading Iceland Adventure: Day 1.

Iceland Adventure: The Intro

              I am excited to recount and reflect on our recent trip to Iceland.  I think it is so important to document memories and experiences, and while I usually do it with photo books, pictures and journaling....I wanted to share this experience here on my blog for all of … Continue reading Iceland Adventure: The Intro

Our Adventures Part 1 – August 2014

2014 has been a year of "intention" for Mike and I. The intention to be grateful everyday, no matter the circumstances. The intention to be still and live in a state of conscious and spiritual awareness. The intention to put our family first above any outside commitments. The intention to live  financially free. The intention to start … Continue reading Our Adventures Part 1 – August 2014