The Hike

  I think sometimes I get ashamed of the darkness. Not some sin I struggle with, Or fear I can't let go of. Not even depression I need to pray out of.   I'm talking about the real stuff. The common "Hello, How are you?" And my response of: "I'm good, How are you?" I … Continue reading The Hike

Why you need to visit the layaway counter.

Today's post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn Welcome back for another edition of Alive To Thrive. We all have dreams that we long to see fulfilled.  Fulfilling them is easy.  Believing you can fulfill them is hard. We tend to believe that we have to earn the right to live our … Continue reading Why you need to visit the layaway counter.

Time to Dream … Again?

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Cindy Powell Time to Dream … Again? Once alive Once filled with hope My dreams grew wings And soared But vultures appeared As if out of the mist They circled They taunted They swooped in close Clipped my wings And grounded my once lofty dreams Time passed … Continue reading Time to Dream … Again?

Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.

Today's post is written by our brave writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson. It was a Sunday afternoon.  Lesley had begun to pray and I resisted the strong urge to release my tears from their thresholds. I refused to let a single tear shed from my eyes, as I did not desire to make a scene of … Continue reading Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.