Bravado. {Part IV of IV}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... It is in the dance of a maimed danseuse that the true love for her chorus can be found. Her sole purpose of creation to sway in the winds of the melodies that once held nothing but, in her perseverance, have gained meaning. Fearlessly she leaps with no … Continue reading Bravado. {Part IV of IV}

The Rainbow Storm

Today's post comes from our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. The Rainbow Storm She walked in the desert, Kicking the small rocks aside, Head down, sweat pouring. Cracking the tumbleweeds under her feet. Glancing up to make sure she could still see. Hands were in her pocket, Defeat on her mind, Stuck in this heat. … Continue reading The Rainbow Storm

Go with the {Flow}.

Today's post is by our founder and creator, Live Brave Artist, Lesley Glenn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flow -  to move along steadily in a continuous stream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your life was designed to FLOW alongside the one who made you whole. Your FLOW was always meant to be unique. Happiness is a FLOW of life. You were designed … Continue reading Go with the {Flow}.

Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... Crushed in humility and flowered with mercy. I am not perfect. Apologies on the forefront beside fear. The courage I feigned, wavering at the possible rejections. I can't answer all my questions. Why must love be tough? Why do friendships die? Why can't I … Continue reading Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

What defines you? Define - 1 state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of, give the meaning of • make up or establish the character of .2 mark out the boundary or limits of.• make clear the outline of What explains, expounds, describes, clarifies and/or gives your life meaning? If you have hard time coming up with what does, how about turning it around and asking, "what doesn't" … Continue reading Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

Living Brave

Today's post is by our Brave Poet, Cindy Powell Living Brave Living brave ~ Isn’t a feeling It’s a choice Living brave ~ Isn’t about sentiment It’s about commitment Living brave ~ Isn’t the absence of fear It’s the presence of love Living brave ~ Isn’t freedom from pain It’s freedom to be you Living … Continue reading Living Brave

{Fly} Like a Bird

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Laura Krämer This post was written for a September date, but when it was time to post I ended up writing this blog post instead. And really, I’'m not sure what brought it to mind to today. So, for whatever reason it did—I hope it was Him stirring … Continue reading {Fly} Like a Bird

Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.

Today's post is written by our brave writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson. It was a Sunday afternoon.  Lesley had begun to pray and I resisted the strong urge to release my tears from their thresholds. I refused to let a single tear shed from my eyes, as I did not desire to make a scene of … Continue reading Plumerias, Shells, & Waves.


Today's post is written by Live Brave, Not Broken's founder, Lesley Glenn  I felt the balloons leave my hand, and I drew in a deep breath. Attached to those balloons were the words of hopes and dreams that I had been holding on to..... too tightly. But not anymore. This is a new journey for … Continue reading Release