Healing Odyssey #48 – {Dear Benefactor}

  Dear Friend, My name is Lesley Glenn, I am a 51 year old wife, mother of (3) adult children, hiker, creative, friend, daughter, sister, cancer advocate, and a thriver of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This past October, I was able, through a generous donation ,  to participate in the Healing Odyssey #48 retreat. … Continue reading Healing Odyssey #48 – {Dear Benefactor}

My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

I am a very firm believer that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Call it positive thinking, karma, faith, optimism, whatever.....  BUT this was not always the case for me.   I was a girl that used to always see the glass half empty.  Now I always see it … Continue reading My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I am sitting here, literally "dripping" in sweat. In 10 days, myself and four friends will be driving down to Arizona, to backpack  to one of the most beautiful places here in the United States. Havasupai.  And if you know anything about getting reservations to get down there, is nothing short of a little miracle.   … Continue reading Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I Don’t Want to Catch Up with You. 

Disclaimer: Before I go into today's blog post, I want to lay the foundation that these are "my opinions, my thoughts, and my own personal truth". They might not align with yours and that's okay. There is no right or wrong way to live this life, especially with an incurable cancer diagnosis. You  live your … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Catch Up with You. 

I said I “must”….So I am.

This post is one in a series of three that I am doing for various Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns going live this next week, starting on September 21, 2015.  All of my blogs will be reposted here, after they have been published on the organizations websites that I have been asked to write for. … Continue reading I said I “must”….So I am.

#voicesofMBC – Colleen Hofmeister ~ {We are scared and lonely}

#voicesofMBC is my social media campaign to bring awareness to metastatic breast cancer and to lend a platform for those afflicted with this illness to be heard. Every Monday, until the end of the year, I will share a personal testimony or story of a woman (or man) living with stage IV breast cancer. Today, … Continue reading #voicesofMBC – Colleen Hofmeister ~ {We are scared and lonely}

Sometimes you have to brave the storm to see the sunshine. ~ A son’s POV

I often get asked how my kids have dealt with my cancer diagnosis.  When did we tell them?  How did we tell them?  Am I open with them in regards to my continuing treatment, challenges, questions, etc.   The way Mike and I have chosen to share  with our kids is based on our very open … Continue reading Sometimes you have to brave the storm to see the sunshine. ~ A son’s POV

Today is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Everyone is AWARE of breast cancer. NOT everyone is aware of Metastatic Breast Cancer. The difference.  Women DO NOT die of breast cancer in the breast. They die when the breast cancer has spread (metastasized) like mine to other organs in the body. (the primary cancer is still the same - breast cancer) So the … Continue reading Today is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

think before you pink

Yep, it's that time of year again, where pink takes over the landscape of almost everywhere you go. Pinktober is like a luxury bus driving through cities, neighborhoods, and sporting events, offering free rides for 31 days to enable people to feel good about a cause. I know, I used to be one of the … Continue reading think before you pink

Why us “Oligo’s” often feel like we don’t belong.

It's probably a new word to many, as it was to me a year ago.  I am one of the unique cases, diagnosed with Oligometasatic disease. Definition of Oligometastatic Disease • Oligometastasis is an intermediate state of cancer spread between localized disease and widespread metastases. • The metastases are limited to a single or limited … Continue reading Why us “Oligo’s” often feel like we don’t belong.