Let Me Entertain You

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************   Let me entertain you. That would be easier. Easier than opening up to you. It would be easy to create a story, so you can't see my pain.   Let me entertain you. Something - interesting. Enticing. Alluring. I will tell wild tales … Continue reading Let Me Entertain You

Being Brave in Friendship

Today's post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Daze. Do you remember the song, Friends are Friends Forever? I wonder how many of us heard that and just knew that would be how it was with certain friends. Forever. Easy. But friendship actually takes bravery. Bravery to be vulnerable, bravery to accept change, and bravery to … Continue reading Being Brave in Friendship

When fear is no longer in control

Today's post is by our Brave Writer, Angela Giles Klocke This weekend, I learned there is a very real difference between fear and nervousness. As I readied myself to present my story of abuse and the red flags that I “missed,” I realized that the slight quiver running through my body was normal, regular nervousness, … Continue reading When fear is no longer in control

Doing life scared is doing life brave

Today's post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Lozano. I'm a scared-y cat. It's really quite simply, there is a big mountain of fear which stands in front of me when I am ready to do almost anything. I used to think I had to stop feeling that way before I could do anything, but … Continue reading Doing life scared is doing life brave

I Am Not Alone

Today's post is written by Brave Writer, Melanie Neilson. My feet hit the cold, hard floor. My mind tries to focus.  A quick breath escapes my lungs. I am alone. Half awake.  A strange voice echoes down the hall.  “Time for meds.”  What meds? Where am I? I am alone. An antiseptic aroma invades my … Continue reading I Am Not Alone

2014 – A Year of Brave

Consider it destiny, dharma, purpose, calling or kismet.  I call it passion.  The stuff that makes me tick, makes me joyful, fills my heart and makes my spirit soar.What is it? It is equipping,  and watching others find their voice,  while creating, and offering opportunites  for them to be released.  I have done it for … Continue reading 2014 – A Year of Brave

Flight [A Poem of Restoration]

Today's post is written by our Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar. I have been fulfilled and forgiven. My identity not in myself. Not in my life. Not in who I am and what I can do. Life True LIFE in who He is. What He gave. Whom He gave it for. & Why? Why? So that … Continue reading Flight [A Poem of Restoration]

Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets

When I first started this blog, it was only supposed to be for 40 days and/or 8 weeks...just long enough to get me through my radiation therapy for breast cancer. That ended, and I found myself wanting to do more and to bring other voices into sharing their stories.  And so back in August, I … Continue reading Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets

Faith 101

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson  2:00 P.M. Saturday afternoon. Although my curtains are drawn and block out the majority of the rays, I can still see the reflection of light on my bedroom walls; I turn my face into the pillow. For some reason, today, the sun reminds me … Continue reading Faith 101


Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson  Perseverance: "Blessed is the [woman] who perseveres under trial, because when [she] has stood the test, [she] will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." -James 1:12 (*changes made so that I can't justify that only men are … Continue reading Perseverance.