Let Me Entertain You

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************   Let me entertain you. That would be easier. Easier than opening up to you. It would be easy to create a story, so you can't see my pain.   Let me entertain you. Something - interesting. Enticing. Alluring. I will tell wild tales … Continue reading Let Me Entertain You

Me {First}.

Today's post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn I am not sure when it happened in the 30 years of being a Christian. Or how it happened. I just know it did. The indoctrination of "giving it all away, in the name of Jesus." Maybe I did it to myself. Maybe I … Continue reading Me {First}.

Live – Brave News

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled blogging today to share with you some ways to get involved with our ever growing LIVE BRAVE community.  If you haven't visited this page, "Join the Live -Brave Movement"  go do it.  Add the badge to your webpage and then join our link up on the bottom. … Continue reading Live – Brave News

I Wear A Mask.

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************ I wear a beautiful mask. I wear this mask to hide my insecurities. I put on a front.   I want you to know me, but wait, not all of me. Just the parts that are good enough to look at. I want you … Continue reading I Wear A Mask.

Do Something. Say Something. Anything!

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Toni Imsen. ******************** Many years ago, I was at Walmart picking up some baby formula and diapers in the middle of the night. Young mothers know how it is, you weren't expecting to run out and now you have to go to Walmart because it's late and … Continue reading Do Something. Say Something. Anything!

Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson... Crushed in humility and flowered with mercy. I am not perfect. Apologies on the forefront beside fear. The courage I feigned, wavering at the possible rejections. I can't answer all my questions. Why must love be tough? Why do friendships die? Why can't I … Continue reading Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

What defines you? Define - 1 state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of, give the meaning of • make up or establish the character of .2 mark out the boundary or limits of.• make clear the outline of What explains, expounds, describes, clarifies and/or gives your life meaning? If you have hard time coming up with what does, how about turning it around and asking, "what doesn't" … Continue reading Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets

When I first started this blog, it was only supposed to be for 40 days and/or 8 weeks...just long enough to get me through my radiation therapy for breast cancer. That ended, and I found myself wanting to do more and to bring other voices into sharing their stories.  And so back in August, I … Continue reading Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets