Advocacy Work

My CV.  

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer Leadership Award – 2018

A yearly national award given out in Philadelphia in the Fall, for those who have shown and executed a successful advocacy role to benefit the breast cancer community. 

Make Moves Climb for a Cure – 2015- Present 

 Co – Founder – An annual outdoor fundraising event that exists to bring awareness to the disease, raises funds for research, and bring support to those living with the disease.  To date we have raised over $100,000 for the metastatic community and it’s supporting organizations.  For more information:

Dandelion Wishes, INC – 2009 – 2016

Founder and executive director of a 501 (c)3  whose mission was devoted to effecting hope, healing and restoration through advocacy, art and action.  Therapeutic art served women in prison, rehab centers and in rural areas of Nicaragua.   The non profit also served the disabled orphans in Ensenada, Mexico and sex trafficked juveniles in safe houses and the detention centers.   Watch a marketing video filmed in 2011:


NCCS  Elevate Ambassador – 2020 

Member – Patient Centered Dosing Initiative – 2020 

Research advocate- Knight Cancer Institute – 2020

Member – Clinical Trials Access Ad Hoc Group/MBCA – 2020

National Breast Cancer Coalition – 2020

Individual member –  Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance- 2019 to present 

Patient Advocate –  California Breast Cancer Research Project 2016 to present

Hear My Voice Advocate- Living Beyond Breast Cancer  2015-present 

METAvivor Sea to Sea Campaign/Planning committee 2015

Novartis Pharmaceutical 2017

Campaign Real Women, Real Stories, to  help launch Kisqali,.

Amgen Pharmaceutical 2016 

Campaign about Bone Health and those effected by metastatic disease to the bones.   

Public Speaking

Odonate Therapeutics – Clinical Trials and the Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient – December 2019

Novartis Clinical Insights Advanced Breast Cancer Preceptorship Workshop – Life as a Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient.   May 2019 


2015 Hear My Voice Advocate Program/Living Beyond Breast Cancer

2017 LBBC Helpline Volunteer Training

2018 Hear My Voice Advocate Mentor Program/ Living Beyond Breast Cancer

2017-Present    Susan G. Komen/Advocate in Science ( Ongoing training)

2018-Present    Research Advocacy Institute 

2018-Present    Triage Cancer Advocacy Team 

2020 Project LEAD – NBBC Workshop

2020 MBCA Patient/Advocate Advisory Group PAAG Training 





Health Central –  Climb Your Mountain 

LBBC’s  Hear My Voice Volunteer Alumni Program

2017 –  

Web MD article – How a Heartbreaking Diagnosis turned into A Quest to Climb a Mountain 

Novartis – Kisqali –  Real Stories from Real Women 


Featured on “Just a Colorado Gal’s”  #JustAnOutdoorGal Series 


Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s “Hear My Voice” Volunteer Team

METAvivor Sea To Sea Campaign

Cancer Today ‘s In the Moment Fall 2015 Ed

Amgen Pharmaceuticals Bone Health Series

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Blogs:

My Climb is a Gamble. 

You are not Alone. 

It’s About Time MBC :

It’s TIME to climb a mountain 

#voicesofMBC Blog 


Co-Founder of the annual Make Moves and Climb for a Cure event.    Save the date for the 4th annual Climb for a Cure.  October 28, 2018.

Pictures from the Climb for the Cure 2015 

Pictures from the Climb for the Cure 2016 

Pictures from the Climb for the Cure 2017