My Hiking Adventures

Mt. Whitney September 2015
Mt. Whitney September 2015

This is a somewhat comprehensive list of every trail I have hiked since starting in January 2015.

I hope to link pictures and personal perspective to each trail.

United States:


Boynton Canyon

Cathedral Rock

Havasupai (September 2016)

Red Rock Crossing

California : 

Baden Powell

Bear Canyon via Switzer Falls

Cave of Munits

Cucamonga Peak

Devils Chair

Echo Mountain

El Modena Open Space

Fish Canyon Falls

Grays Peak

Ice House Canyon

inspiration Point

Josephine Peak via Colby Canyon

La Tuna Canyon

Lava Beds National Monument

Los Pinos

Meysan Lake (Sierra’s)

Mt. Baldy

Mt. San Jacinto

Mt. Waterman

Mt. Whitney

Peters Canyon

Portuguese Bend

Potato Mountain

Palos Verdes Ocean Trail

Santa Anita Canyon via Sturveyant Falls

Santiago Peak via Holy Jim Trail

Skyline Trail (Corona)

Throop Peak

West Fork National Recreation Area

Will Thrall Peak


Hawaii – 

Aiea Trail Loop (Oahu)

KoKo Head Crater (Oahu)

Sleeping Giant (Kauai)

Moelepe Trail (Kauai)

Oregon –

Chiloquin Trail and Lake

Crater Lake

Lineth Park, Ashland

Sebastian Cape, Gold Beach

Iceland – (May 2016)