Time to Dream … Again?

Today's post is written by our Brave Poet, Cindy Powell Time to Dream … Again? Once alive Once filled with hope My dreams grew wings And soared But vultures appeared As if out of the mist They circled They taunted They swooped in close Clipped my wings And grounded my once lofty dreams Time passed … Continue reading Time to Dream … Again?

Choosing to slay the dragons within

Today's post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Lozano. I have struggled within the past decade or so with striving to be free from many things. I have studied the Bible, I have learned God's words and read the examples He left us, I have taken great strides, but recently I realized something which changes … Continue reading Choosing to slay the dragons within

you can’t get there from here

Today’s post is written by Brave Writer, Lorretta Stembridge ***************************************** About a month ago, I was invited into this space, deciding to share how social media has saved my marriage and restored my soul. Then, as now, I've trusted that each one God sends to read, would graciously understand and "get" what I was attempting … Continue reading you can’t get there from here

The Corner

Today's post is by our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Corner It was one of those moments I had to tell myself to breathe. My head was pounding, My body shaking, Pain surging through every inch of me, Racing thoughts, But still I lay. I could see her cowering in the corner. If … Continue reading The Corner

Discovering {the real} You.

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Lindsay Munoz. I've recently started getting to know the real me. The more introverted me. The homebody me. The plain jane me. The dorky me. The conservative me. The loved me. The old me was an extrovert, loved to party, over done, always pulled together, liberal in every … Continue reading Discovering {the real} You.

I Don’t Want to {Lose} You

This weekend I sat in my car in a parking lot and cried. Not the quiet single tear slipping down my cheek kind of crying. But the big kind of crying that makes noises—lots of noises. I was by myself; well, except for the guy in the yellow car parked next to me. But I … Continue reading I Don’t Want to {Lose} You

Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets

When I first started this blog, it was only supposed to be for 40 days and/or 8 weeks...just long enough to get me through my radiation therapy for breast cancer. That ended, and I found myself wanting to do more and to bring other voices into sharing their stories.  And so back in August, I … Continue reading Wanted: Writers, Artists and Poets