#justshowup – {Give yourself a break}

If you missed my first post, you can read it here.    You can never live fully in the present. WHAT?  But, but..... Not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one can. Its just impossible, in this modern world, (atleast in my opinion)  unless you want to go live in a monastery … Continue reading #justshowup – {Give yourself a break}

Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

Climbing Mt. Whitney had a profound impact on me being able to accomplish things that I never thought possible. Back in January, I shared about my word for the year.  "Twelve".  You can read that post here.  Everything was going fantastically well, I started the year off with such enthusiasm and zeal for "getting it … Continue reading Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

A Lesson in Gratitude

My mom always made my brothers and I,  write "thank you" notes and cards growing up.  Whether it was Christmas or our birthdays, we had to all sit down and painstakingly scribble down everything we liked about our gift(s).  I was not fond of this practice and I am pretty sure my brothers felt the same way. … Continue reading A Lesson in Gratitude

Reminders from my bird feeder.

I have a bird feeder that hangs right outside my bedroom door that opens into my backyard. Every morning, I grab my coffee and snuggle back into my bed for my morning meditation, and to watch and listen to the sparrows and doves gather on the red bricks outside the doors. Today was no exception, other than, … Continue reading Reminders from my bird feeder.

Remembering {Genesis}

In my quest to start telling my stories, I have pulled back out ALL of my scrapbooking materials and have made a commitment to spend "at least" 3 hours a week to documenting my journey.  Organization is half the battle, and I have many unfinished stories to tell.   (I will share my organizational and … Continue reading Remembering {Genesis}

Big Bang Love

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************ When I was younger, I thought I would met my Prince Charming one day, the next day I would be in love, the day after that we'd plan a wedding and the rest would be history. I expected a BIG BANG moment. Fireworks and … Continue reading Big Bang Love

Little Things

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson ************************************************************************ I get so caught up in my to-do lists and big dreams for the future that I forget to be thankful for the little things. I forget to stop and notice things. So these pictures are of the little things I stopped and noticed … Continue reading Little Things

The Rainbow Storm

Today's post comes from our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. The Rainbow Storm She walked in the desert, Kicking the small rocks aside, Head down, sweat pouring. Cracking the tumbleweeds under her feet. Glancing up to make sure she could still see. Hands were in her pocket, Defeat on her mind, Stuck in this heat. … Continue reading The Rainbow Storm

{Thanks} What?

Today’s post comes from our Live-Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn.I am going to be a little vulnerable here and share with  you a few things about myself that might make you... {gasp}.Ready?Yesterday, at Target, I told a lady to get out of my way in the cosmetic section,  and my husband, who was manning … Continue reading {Thanks} What?

{Taking Inventory}

Today's post comes from our Live-Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn. The words above are not mine.  I found them penned in someone else's journal and they surged through my soul. One might think that wanting to live for yourself and desiring the most out of your gifts, talents, relationships, community, or  job is  selfish. … Continue reading {Taking Inventory}