{Wash Your Face} – The Self Care Series

Here is the third installment of my self care series.   If you missed the introduction or the post about sleep you can find the links at the end of this post. So today, I wanted to touch briefly on routines.  Bedtime routines most specifically. I know, I know....who has time to start these things? … Continue reading {Wash Your Face} – The Self Care Series

Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

Climbing Mt. Whitney had a profound impact on me being able to accomplish things that I never thought possible. Back in January, I shared about my word for the year.  "Twelve".  You can read that post here.  Everything was going fantastically well, I started the year off with such enthusiasm and zeal for "getting it … Continue reading Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

Blogging from my phone

November 1st, 2015:  My lap top died. For good.  While I was visiting my dad on Kauai. The plan was to replace it once I got back to the "mainland" (Southern California) but that desire quickly  dissipated as I began to enjoy being unplugged.  So I didn't, replace it. Fast forward to today, I'm still … Continue reading Blogging from my phone