Product Review: GoMacro Energy Bars

When GoMacro shared  their "GoMacro Fuel Your Fitness Challenge." I was like, hmmmm.     I am not the typical "lean, mean, kick ass, outdoor energy bar" spokesperson. I am a middle aged, semi chunky, outdoor loving, stage IV cancer thriver.    And,  I need good fuel for my body too. However, I am not … Continue reading Product Review: GoMacro Energy Bars

When Your Brave Gets {Messed} Up.

Day #3 Dear Brave Souls. So yesterday I had a little bump in the brave journey. As a matter of fact, my brave got  messed up for a bit. Watch this... Sometimes, its just the way it is going to go, your brave plan gets a bit side swiped by an encounter, event, conversation, or … Continue reading When Your Brave Gets {Messed} Up.

Show Me How BIG Your Brave Is.

Day #2 How did you all do yesterday? I was so blessed to read all of your comments, receive your notes, and hear you declare: "I want to Live Brave, Not Broken."  There were many of you who shared, "I am not sure if I can do this." I get it,  believe me, and for … Continue reading Show Me How BIG Your Brave Is.