Product Review: GoMacro Energy Bars

When GoMacro shared  their "GoMacro Fuel Your Fitness Challenge." I was like, hmmmm.     I am not the typical "lean, mean, kick ass, outdoor energy bar" spokesperson. I am a middle aged, semi chunky, outdoor loving, stage IV cancer thriver.    And,  I need good fuel for my body too. However, I am not … Continue reading Product Review: GoMacro Energy Bars

Hiking, Cancer Advocacy and saying NO!

I started my hiking/backpacking adventures as well as my cancer advocacy right about the same time in 2014. When I first started hiking  .....I did it because I wanted to.  I saw a mountain....I wanted to climb it and I knew that getting outdoors in nature would help, as I healed and learned to live … Continue reading Hiking, Cancer Advocacy and saying NO!

Hip pain, a ladybug and a Climb for Heroes.

The past three months have been a whirlwind of travel for Mike and I.... from Oregon to Italy and then Hawaii, it is good to have my feet back on the ground..... Hiking. I started having pain in my hip right before we left for Europe in April.  I didn't really think about it too … Continue reading Hip pain, a ladybug and a Climb for Heroes.

{25 years} and a 6 mile….oops, 9 mile hike.

25 years!!! We made our silver anniversary. Who would'a thought it? I guess I did, come on, or I would not have gotten married in the first place. I could write and reminisce about all the ups and downs but I don't want to....sometimes its good to not relive all the tough times you … Continue reading {25 years} and a 6 mile….oops, 9 mile hike.

My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

I am a very firm believer that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Call it positive thinking, karma, faith, optimism, whatever.....  BUT this was not always the case for me.   I was a girl that used to always see the glass half empty.  Now I always see it … Continue reading My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I am sitting here, literally "dripping" in sweat. In 10 days, myself and four friends will be driving down to Arizona, to backpack  to one of the most beautiful places here in the United States. Havasupai.  And if you know anything about getting reservations to get down there, is nothing short of a little miracle.   … Continue reading Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

Canine Healers…My Barkley Story. 

We have all read the stories about pets becoming  caregivers and companions during challenging times in our lives. I love those stories; especially when they include a rescued canine from a shelter.  I have my own story and thought I'd share it. But before I do, I would like to invite you to grab a … Continue reading Canine Healers…My Barkley Story. 

Take A Hike: Los Pinos Peak

No hiking for me today.  Besides a bum knee, (from a stupid fall, while walking the dog)  I am also dealing with a shoulder injury that I am currently in physical therapy for.   Oh FUN!!  I am not supposed to pack any weight for a month.  So unless I want to re-injure it, I … Continue reading Take A Hike: Los Pinos Peak

Take a Hike: Josephine Peak via Colby Canyon

Level : Moderate/strenuous  Mileage: 8.4 miles but my tracker had me at 10.  Hours: 5 with three stops for a snack, lunch and Barkley laying under a tree taking a break.  Where: Off Highway 2, one mile past the Clear Creek ranger station. First dirt parking lot on left. Trailhead is not marked but begins … Continue reading Take a Hike: Josephine Peak via Colby Canyon

Take a Hike: West Fork National Recreation Trail

Level - easy Mileage- 8 miles (but can make be adjusted shorter or longer) Hours 4.5 includes a stop for lunch and enjoying the views Location: off the 210 at Azusa Ave.  13 miles up San Gabriel Canyon Road. Dogs:  yes Need adventure pass Wonderful early morning walk alongside the West Fork San Gabriel River. … Continue reading Take a Hike: West Fork National Recreation Trail