Release {1}- was Release {3}

It has been such an honor to be a part of the Release {3} campaign that Compassion International put together for current sponsors to advocate for children who are in need of support. Five days ago, I introduced Jose Luis Geraldo from the Dominican Republic.  He was sponsored within hours of my post.   Read … Continue reading Release {1}- was Release {3}

Release {3} – Now {2}

I have partnered with Compassion International in their "Release 3" Campaign, to help  three children who live in poverty obtain sponsors. If you missed my original  post about my own personal experience with sponsorship, you can read about it  I introduced the first of three children in the original post and I am so … Continue reading Release {3} – Now {2}

Release {3}

One of the best things that Mike and I did, was to adopt a four year old little boy from Haiti, in  2008. Well, not  literally. But definitely in our hearts . This is Wilbert Dumont, and we have been supporting him monthly since he was 4 years old  through Compassion International.  This year he turned 10. … Continue reading Release {3}

Remembering {Genesis}

In my quest to start telling my stories, I have pulled back out ALL of my scrapbooking materials and have made a commitment to spend "at least" 3 hours a week to documenting my journey.  Organization is half the battle, and I have many unfinished stories to tell.   (I will share my organizational and … Continue reading Remembering {Genesis}

Deep Eyes

Today's post is written by Brave Writer, Melanie Neilson. Deep Eyes I let myself breath deeply the fresh air as I closed my eyes and thanked God for allowing me to return.  I could hear the sounds of children laughing, chickens clucking, mommas yelling and a fire popping.  Kicking off my shoes I stepped into … Continue reading Deep Eyes

Drawn By Love {Part 1}

Today's post comes from Brave Artist and Founder, Lesley Glenn. Brave Writer, Melanie, is down sick with the flu. So, I am stepping in for her today. This is a repost, from 2011. Much has happened since I originally posted this blog, and the rest of the story will be told with Part 2 on … Continue reading Drawn By Love {Part 1}

Healing Comes With Time

Today’s Post is written by our Brave Writer: Karen Asbra They brought us into Labor and Delivery room. Room number 2.  I put on the necessary hospital gown and waited for the nurse to start the tests.  As I lay on the bed, my husband at my side, the nurse moved a heart monitor across … Continue reading Healing Comes With Time

Crazy Radical Love

Today’s Post is written by our Brave Writer: Karen Asbra   He sat on the long flight home holding her. She was so weak and lethargic.  A lady walked down the isle of the plane and as she passed him she commented on how cute and quiet the baby was.  He thought to himself, she … Continue reading Crazy Radical Love