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It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning, in this broken world.   ~Mary Oliver 


Hiking, Cancer Advocacy and saying NO!

I started my hiking/backpacking adventures as well as my cancer advocacy right about the same time in 2014. When I first started hiking  .....I did it because I wanted to.  I saw a mountain....I wanted to climb it and I knew that getting outdoors in nature would help, as I healed and learned to live … Continue reading Hiking, Cancer Advocacy and saying NO!

Climb for a Cure 2.0

The wonderful organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer is running a campaign this week,  called #stage4lifer, and they asked me if I would contribute a blog post on my advocacy role in living with metastatic breast cancer. I am honored to have been a part of their 2015 Hear My Voice Outreach team, and I encourage … Continue reading Climb for a Cure 2.0

My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

I am a very firm believer that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Call it positive thinking, karma, faith, optimism, whatever.....  BUT this was not always the case for me.   I was a girl that used to always see the glass half empty.  Now I always see it … Continue reading My Outessa- REI Summit Experience

I said I “must”….So I am.

This post is one in a series of three that I am doing for various Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns going live this next week, starting on September 21, 2015.  All of my blogs will be reposted here, after they have been published on the organizations websites that I have been asked to write for. … Continue reading I said I “must”….So I am.

Reminders from my bird feeder.

I have a bird feeder that hangs right outside my bedroom door that opens into my backyard. Every morning, I grab my coffee and snuggle back into my bed for my morning meditation, and to watch and listen to the sparrows and doves gather on the red bricks outside the doors. Today was no exception, other than, … Continue reading Reminders from my bird feeder.

The Conference I Never Wanted to Attend – (Alive to Thrive – Episode 6)

  Today's post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn Happy Friday everyone. I am on my way to Philadelphia to the Annual Conference for Women Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer  In today's "short" episode, I share my trepidation in attending a conference such as this. However, I live my life willing to … Continue reading The Conference I Never Wanted to Attend – (Alive to Thrive – Episode 6)

You need to know the 5 stages of breast cancer. (Alive to Thrive Episode #5)

Today's post comes from Live Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn There is so much out there concerning Breast Cancer Awareness, and frankly, I am tired of it.  We are "aware" enough as a culture and a society.  We need more education, resources, and advocacy.  We need more research funds to go towards finding a … Continue reading You need to know the 5 stages of breast cancer. (Alive to Thrive Episode #5)

Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

Today's post comes from Live Brave founder, Lesley Glenn.  The wind can really mess things up. What was once in order is quickly scattered into chaos. It's amazing how weather can often parallel our lives. When the unexpected comes, it's like the wind.  It messes with our entire being. We start to question, "WHO AM … Continue reading Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

I Don’t Want To Do This!

As I wait for the results of my scans, it is inevitable that my mind goes back to the beginning of the journey. The emotions of that day, still so fresh and raw. And yet, I am changed. No longer feeling like a victim, I am a survivor and a thriver.
I have come a long long way.

Miraculous Life

She stopped us as we walked out of her office,  and said, “Wait here.”

A few seconds later,  she  handed me a stack of reading material.

“Here you go.”   “There is some good information in  here for you.”

For just a brief moment, I was taken back to a memory of receiving another mound of information in a doctors office.  24 years prior to this one.

Back then it was for a new pregnancy = new life.

This time it  was for c.a.n.c.e.r = beating death.

I didn’t look at what was in the pile as we left the office, I just glanced down at the crochet pink ribbon attached to a bookmark laying on the top, donated by a local church.

I was now a part of the pink ribbon clique.

Small puddles began to form in my eyes.

He grabbed my hand, my husband,  and he squeezed.

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