We Fall, We Break…but then…We Rise, We Heal

It’s been a damn quick year, now hasn’t it?

Writing and keeping up with my blog has taken not even a back burner but a corner in an upper closet building dust blankets.

If I could type everything that has happened this past year, it would be longer than any of us want to read or even have time for right now.   Including me.   (I am trying to get to the gym as I tap out these words.)

BUT….things are good.


Except for that one time, my cancer came back.

That was in November…..

It’s still back.

That is what metastatic cancer is all about.

It never actually goes away.

BUT…things are good.


Except for those few months, I fell into a hole of disbelief and depression and anxiety as I navigated progression of cancer, tests, radiation and now a new treatment plan.

That was December – April of 2019.

Gratefully, I am not there anymore.

The resilience of the human make up is amazing to me.

That is, if you choose to THRIVE instead of grovel at the circumstances.

So things are good.


I am in the process of getting my backpacking body back for a fun trip I have planned next month….

And a whole lot of traveling, both for pleasure and advocacy work.

So really….things are good.

And I hope to write more and share not only the past year, but also what is in store for my future…. besides cancer treatment.

So things are good.




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