Dress in Your Soul


“My story is unique & so so different….& NOT worthy of comparison.”  

I  lost my edge these past couple months.  I allowed my voice to be put into a  round hole, when  in fact, I am a square peg.  I always have been.  I always will be.   I was never meant to fit in.   I am a rebel with a ferocious heart for love, compassion and truth.  I own who I am without apology.  I will not trade my authenticity for approval.  Not for anyone.  So I slept today….and when I woke up I felt my clarity return.  I stood up and dressed in my soul.  

Are you dressed in yours?


2 thoughts on “Dress in Your Soul

  1. Yes. Have been for quite sometime. Genuine connection w/God has brought true freedom. Love “my” life of peace, joy, sharing & following HIS heart. 😘

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