Showing Up in May

I have a friend who started a social media campaign to #showupinMay.   I, of course being spontaneous and excited about every little thing, was like… “yea yea,  I’ll join you.”

And then I failed.

After 5 minutes.

And then the next day.

And the next.

And now it is May 7th.

I have a list a mile long, but honestly my motivation to ‘show up” has been waning big time.

I have another friend, who encouraged me to write again.  HERE.  On this page.  LAST WEEK.

Again, I was like, “Yea, Yea. I know I need to”

I failed again the next day.

But here I am …  on May 7th. I opened up my computer, looked at the blank page, with overwhelm, because it has been so long and just started typing.   And that’s what you are reading.

Hopefully I can show up again tomorrow.   I have a plan, (insert laughter here) to wake up a bit earlier to stare at the blank page first thing in the am.

I also unwound my yoga mat and did a 21 minute practice today.  To help ground me.

Moving and resettling into my new home in a new state has slightly ungrounded me and I need to find my new way here.

I must show up to the things I know bring me life,  instead of looking at the entire list, I will just do the first thing.

Show up. be brave. be daring. be full of light and love. Show up. make a difference. Make a friend. draw. write. create. show up. Laugh. sing. cook. Live your life. Tell your story. Show

What do you need to show up to?

I want to know.  We can show up together.


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