Product Review: GoMacro Energy Bars

When GoMacro shared  their “GoMacro Fuel Your Fitness Challenge.”

I was like, hmmmm.     I am not the typical “lean, mean, kick ass, outdoor energy bar” spokesperson.

I am a middle aged, semi chunky, outdoor loving, stage IV cancer thriver.   

And,  I need good fuel for my body too.

However, I am not an energy bar girl  (too sweet, too chalky, hard to swallow) and after trying several brands over the past couple years on my hiking and backpacking adventures, I had given up on them.  I relied on other food sources for nutrition and stamina on the trails.

I asked GoMacro  if they would send me a few samples, and  generously,  they sent me one of their sample packs.

Once I got the sampler pack, I was intrigued by the company itself and what is stands for.

  1.  There bars are plant based.  They use whole foods based on a macrobiotic philosophy that bring homeostasis to our bodies.   No SOY.  100% Vegan.
  2. They give back or pay it forward by using locally  sourced products, sponsoring events for abandoned animals, and donating their bars to local schools.
  3. They believe in leaving a faint footprint on our environment.

You can read more about their values on their webpage.

These three values were enough to catch my attention because I too, desire the same things.


I was excited to hit the trails and try some of these bars.

As an avid hiker and backpacker, protein is very important for stamina and getting the job done when peak bagging.   Hiking burns a ton of calories so making sure that you stay fueled is key.

Since I am a salty “sweat – er”  my go to fuels are large doses of electrolytes in my water, peanuts and peanut butter packets.    I have faded away from most energy bars because they are always too sweet.


GoMacro bars pleasantly surprised me.   They were delicious.  The flavors I gravitated towards were not sweet at all, and they were easy to chew.   I thoroughly enjoyed them.

My favorite flavors:  Everlasting Joy, Balanced Goodness and Wholehearted Heaven.

My husband enjoyed: Peanut butter, Prolonged Power and Sunny Uplift.



When my daughter, Jill and her boyfriend, Koa came home for a visit from Hawaii, I took them on a hike up to Sunset Peak and of course had them try a couple GoMacro bars.

My daughter Jill and her boyfriend, Koa.

They both enjoyed the Protein Replenishment and Sweet Rejuvenation bars.


Would I recommend GoMacro bars??

Yes, I would.


I even went out and bought a few more to enjoy while I was camping in the Sequoia’s this past week.

me at the Watchtower in Sequoia National Park.

Here’s to an energy bar I can finally stand behind.

You can purchase GoMacro bars at Trader Joes and Sprouts, or on their website.

With love and adventure,

After posting my blog on Instagram, I received a few comments on how much people love the GoMacro Bars.  I thought it good to share that I am not the only one who loves these bars.

@granolagirlessays –  LOVE go macro bars!  They an absolute life saver when it comes to adventuring with food allergies.

@elementsofdaisy – I loveeeee GoMacro!  I love that they are vegan.


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