Healing Odyssey #48 – {Dear Benefactor}


Dear Friend,
My name is Lesley Glenn, I am a 51 year old wife, mother of (3) adult children, hiker, creative, friend, daughter, sister, cancer advocate, and a thriver of stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Healing Odyssey Retreat #48
Healing Odyssey Retreat #48

This past October, I was able, through a generous donation ,  to participate in the Healing Odyssey #48 retreat. I am a very private person (independent) by nature, and rarely do I attend things like this where I am in a large group of people to share my vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to my cancer journey. I often feel like the “elephant in the room” per se because I do have a stage IV diagnoses, which means, I am incurable and will likely die from my disease, therefore I often do not feel like I fit in.


The staff at Healing Odyssey broke down that wall for me from the moment I drove on to the premises. Welcomed and hugged and loved right through my car window before I even parked my car. A conversation that started with a common interest in hiking and being invited into a space, where I knew I would be safe…….and nurtured. The entire weekend was a gift. There are times in our journeys where it is hard to receive these presents, but if we humble ourselves and accept them, and unwrap them as we should, we collect things that we would never have before, if we had said “No.” I received a new community of friends, of women, who like me, have endured much, and yet, have chosen to live and brave through each challenge.

Healing Odyssey was a sacred place…and it was an honor for me to share and hear intimate life stories with 28 other cancer survivors (thrivers). I would often wipe the tears from my eyes, because each woman there, represented resilience, courage, endurance, ……… LIFE.


We supported each other, we listened, we hugged.

We hugged a lot and it was good.


I am not the elephant in the room, I am accepted, confirmed and supported. Thank you for endowing me with this space of hope.


Lesley K. Glenn
Stage IV MBC Advocate and Thriver


Healing Odyssey is for women who are survivors or thrivers with all types of cancer at all different stages.  It is one of the most inclusive cancer organizations that I have had the privilege of experiencing.  If you or someone you know think you might want to attend a retreat.  Please visit the website here.  Healing Odyssey. 

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