Climb for a Cure 2.0

The wonderful organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer is running a campaign this week,  called #stage4lifer, and they asked me if I would contribute a blog post on my advocacy role in living with metastatic breast cancer.

I am honored to have been a part of their 2015 Hear My Voice Outreach team, and I encourage anyone who has been affected by metastatic breast cancer to apply for this life changing opportunity.

After attending the training, I went home and thought about the best way that I could continue my advocacy role in a way that was unique to who I am.    I wanted the outdoors to play a big part of it, as it is how I thrive, living with metastatic disease.

I partnered with a dear friends daughter, Marissa Garavito, a personal trainer and passionate for making a difference.  Together, our first Make Moves to Climb for a Cure was born.    We launched it last year on October 15, 2015.


We were able to gather about 54  people, who bravely made their way up  Echo Mountain.   We raised a little over $4000 for two organizations, METAvivor and Living Beyond Breast Cancer…..and we had a blast.

img_3757 img_3756





This year….we are doing it again.  Same mountain. MORE hikers and expecting to double the amount of money raised.    I can’t wait.


You can get all the details here...and register too.

As for me and my metastatic disease….I continue to remain stable, and I am grateful for that.  I continue to thrive outdoors and live my very fun adventurous life.


Thank you to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for encouraging me to do what I do best, partnering with our Climb for a Cure, but mostly for being there and helping me make sense of what it means to live with metastatic disease.

With love and adventure,




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