{25 years} and a 6 mile….oops, 9 mile hike.

25 years!!!

We made it…..to our silver anniversary.

Who would’a thought it?

I guess I did, come on, or I would not have gotten married in the first place.

I could write and reminisce about all the ups and downs but I don’t want to….sometimes its good to not relive all the tough times you have lived through in the past.  Instead, I want to focus on all of the great times we still have ahead and how we celebrated with a quick getaway up to our local mountains, stayed at our favorite cabin resort and took a little hike on the Pine Knot to Grand View Trail.  (and got lost for a couple miles – don’t even ask me how).


A beautiful day for a moderate 6.5 mile hike.


This trail was beautiful.  It was fragrant with pine, full of color and mostly shaded all the way up.




I found myself with  arms expanded most of the time,  catching as much energy from the trees, and the sunlight as I possibly could.

At the top of Grand View, we stopped for lunch.  and some silliness.


Heading back down, we somehow missed a cut off and instead of continuing down, we actually started heading back up.   Thankfully, a sign alerted us to this mistake, we got our bearings and rerouted our steps.    I duly noted my two map and compass classes I had previously taken……. I had my compass but no topo map to go with it. This is hiking 101…..and I failed.

Our favorite place to stay in Big Bear is at the Sleepy Forest Resort.  Great prices,  friendly staff and I have not been in a cabin that I didn’t like.  So many different options.   But this time we had Barkley with us, and so we had to stay in one that allowed for dogs.  Again, not disappointed, cabin #5, might be on of my favorites of all time.  Small but cozy.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

We enjoyed a night of light appetizers, football and a fire.  I


was in heaven, with all the windows open, enjoying a good night sleep as the temps fell to the high 40’s.  Yes, Mike froze.   But that’s what blankets are for, I told him.  My personal summers are attended to, first and foremost.

The perfect little getaway to start another 25 years of marriage.

Our wedding - September 11, 1991 at the Honolulu County Club
Our wedding – September 11, 1991 at the Honolulu County Club

With love and adventure,


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