Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

I am sitting here, literally “dripping” in sweat.

In 10 days, myself and four friends will be driving down to Arizona, to backpack  to one of the most beautiful places here in the United States.



And if you know anything about getting reservations to get down there, is nothing short of a little miracle.    It took 3 of us , calling non stop for 2 weeks until finally, someone answered.

Last year at this time, I was getting ready for Mt. Whitney.

I was in MUCH better shape.  MUCH!!

That is why I am sitting here dripping in sweat.

This has been a different kind of year, where I haven’t been able to focus as much on my climbing and hiking and interval workouts.

So two weeks ago, I had to step up my game. HIIT workout.
Me….post HIIT workout.

The goal:  to atleast get down the canyon carrying my 30lb pack with out dying.    You laugh….I am slightly serious.

I have been focusing on HIIT training via YouTube.

The Body Project has been my favorite go to indoor workout.

I have been doing some running on the treadmill and have stepped up my hiking game, with some intensity.

Last weekend, Mike and I did Black Star Canyon Falls, where you have to maneuver quite a bit over big rocks and boulders.  The next day, my upper body hurt so much.

at the top of the canyon falls.
Thank GOD for this guy who had to help me maneuver over some of the trickier and larger boulders.

Tomorrow my plan is to power hike with my weighted pack up to Potato Mountain, and see how I do.

Sometimes I just feel horrible that I can not for the life of me drop this cancer treatment weight.   But it is what it is…and I must pinch myself and say….”Hey, knock it off…..I am alive.”

One day at a time.

Focus and Enjoy,


4 thoughts on “Countdown to Havasupai – {10 days}

  1. I went there in 1981ish.  I admit I was in pretty good shape at the time. Not knowing what to expect I trekked down with 40 lbs on my back and tennis shoes, yes I said tennis shoes. Rode a donkey up. It was an amazing trip.

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