Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

Climbing Mt. Whitney had a profound impact on me being able to accomplish things that I never thought possible.

Back in January, I shared about my word for the year.  “Twelve”.  You can read that post here. 

Everything was going fantastically well, I started the year off with such enthusiasm and zeal for “getting it all done.”   I had my projects all lined up and ready to go.  I was going to KICK ASS this year.

My first hiccup along the way was discovering the art of crochet.  I fell head over heels in love with this new art form….and I could not, did not,  want to put my hooks down to take up another project.   At least not on the “Twelve” schedule.

Hiding out in the woods for the Fourth of July
Hiding out in the woods for the Fourth of July

The next hiccup was hiking.  It seemed mine and my hiking buddy, Sandi’s schedule, just never seemed to align.  We did one attempt for our 6 pack of peaks,  and failed…..we just didn’t seem to have it all together, unlike last year where at this time we had pretty much conquered most of the peaks and then some.     While I have continued to hike with my husband most weekends, it is not with the intensity I had last year.

Then it was reading….I felt stressed about having to finish a book instead of enjoying it.

I do still have an obsession with books.
I do still have an obsession with books.

Finally, it was life….my best friends husband took a turn for the worse having complications with lung cancer in late March.  He passed away in mid April.   And the bottom fell out for me.  I had a series of meltdowns, being angry with cancer, survivor guilt,  inventorying life………  But most of all….I just wanted to be present for my friend, (she is one of the MOST important people in my life) and I knew the most important thing was to just “BE.”

I realized that all along (since 2012) , I have been on this journey to simplify and live intentionally, to be aware and allow life to happen and open up to me with experiences and opportunities that are organic.

To just “BE.”

I got caught up with the accomplishment thing instead of focusing on the most important things in my life.

So, I quit the {twelve} thing.

And have replaced it with this idea;

“Just BE”.

She the "Wood" to my "Buzz" and I love her "To infinity and beyond."
She’s the “Wood” to my “Buzz” and I love her “To infinity and beyond.”

Its so easy to lose ones way along the journey, when we focus on the end goal instead of the path under our feet and the moments that are coming up in the next hour, minute and seconds.  I guess that is why I fell in love with the outdoors and hiking.  There is so much anticipation in wondering what is around the next turn.  The things you find on the path, plants, wildlife, silence, stillness, waterfalls, etc. And then you reach your destination, the top of the mountain, and you exhale with satisfaction the steps that brought you to this place. And you sit on  that mountain top….and “Just BE.”

As I continue through the rest of this year….I am reminded how far I have come.  I know how to “BE.”  And I don’t want to lose that ever.again.




2 thoughts on “Why I Quit my {12 project} for 2016

  1. Good for you! Not reaching our goals may sometimes seem like failure, but I think it’s really progress to become aware of needing to change goals. Carry on, and ENJOY! Hugs.

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