15 Random Facts – {Pass it on}

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You kill my father, prepare to die. 

Who remembers that line?  That movie?  It’s just a random thing that popped into my head as I was prepping for today’s blog post.

But is it really random?  The truth is……

Hello, my name is Lesley Glenn.  I am a blogging failure.  But I try.

(did you notice the  rhyme in there?)

I haven’t even finished journaling about our trip to Iceland.  Where did I leave off?  Day 4? 5?  We were there for 10 days.

I am distracted.  All.the.time.

I used to like to blame it on the effects of chemo and MBC treatment, but no, I can’t.  I am a self proclaimed:

“Dory-fied Distracted……SQUIRREL!!!!”

So anyways, I ran across a blogging challenge from fellow breast cancer advocate, Nancy’s Point, about listing 15 random facts about oneself, and decided to jump in.  It seemed like an easy way to get back into blogging.

At least for today.


So here goes,  15 random things about me that you probably did not know, or maybe never wanted to know.  HA.

  1.  I am the world’s biggest procrastinator.  Always have been.  I think it is because I work better under pressure?  Maybe?  Yes.  It is true.  I do work better under pressure.
  2. I have several projects going on at once.  Writing projects, art projects, adventure projects, advocacy projects…….I try to cut down on them, but I think having a creative mind, just fuels the passion of doing more than one thing.
  3. I have my husband’s name “tattooed ” on my butt.  Thats not a big deal, but the fact is, I had it done BEFORE we got married.  I guess that sealed the deal for him….we will have been married for 25 years in September.
  4. I won a dance contest in middle school and got to go on a booze cruise, which makes no sense because I was under age and couldn’t drink anyways.  AND why would you let a couple middle schoolers get on a booze cruise?  Only in Hawaii.  Also, I don’t remember the name of the guy, I won with….he had an afro though but he wasn’t african american.
  5. I am claustrophobic and afraid of heights.  With that said, I was a flight attendant for 5  years, I need to be drugged for any type of MRI, hate ferris wheels, but I love to be high on mountains.
  6. Speaking of fear –  BUGS!!  These 3 in particular –  Japanese beetles, praying mantis, and locusts.  Mostly praying mantis though and here is how much so;  One time when I was a flight attendant, I called off sick for an international flight because there was a praying mantis on the drivers side door of my car barring me from getting in.  Yes.  I called in sick.
  7. I had a gun held up to my head.  When I was 16 and I worked at McDonald’s in Seattle, we were robbed at closing.  The gunman moved us all to the back of the restaurant, and made us  kneel on the floor.  Then he locked us in the freezer, until the police came and got us out.
  8. I once entered the Miss Kauai contest when I was 19, but couldn’t lie when they asked me about ever living with a boyfriend.
  9. Climbing Mt. Whitney last year, changed me in profounds ways.
  10. I really am an introvert, I love my very small tribe of girlfriends and prefer to hang out with my husband and children more than anything else.  HOWEVER, I do love to speak to large crowds of people about the things I am passionate about.
  11. What I am passionate about:  Art, Creativity, Adventure, Cooking and Thriving.   I am very good at thriving and living life.
  12. I hate that cancer stole from me my ability to lose weight.  Call me vain, but I do not like the state my body is in.  Being pushed into menopause before your natural time, is horrible.
  13. I like to vacuum and mop floors.
  14. I am a spreader.  Ask my husband.  If I am working on a project, I tend to spread my stuff EVERYWHERE.  I don’t even know how I manage to do that.
  15. Garbanzo beans are the best! I will eat them out of the can.

Okay…that’s it.

Everyone is invited to play along.

Its fun to get to know each other this way.

Now maybe I will finish blogging about my Iceland trip.

Uhhhhh…..maybe tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “15 Random Facts – {Pass it on}

  1. Hi Lesley,
    Great list, my fellow procrastinator! I laughed when I read #5. A claustrophobic and scared-of-heights flight attendant! Funny. Well, maybe not to you. #7 made me cringe. How awful. And I relate to #12 so much. Such a struggle for me too… Thank you for participating. It was fun, wasn’t it? Love your sense of humor. 🙂

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