I love my life….. Even with cancer.

Last Saturday, June 4th, I participated in my first trail run with my husband Mike and our dear friends, Stephanie and Daniel.


I have been hiking for over a year….climbing mountains with steep elevation gains, so I thought this would not be a huge challenge.  I only ran the 5K (3.3 mi) and  my husband took on the 15K (9.3mi).


This run was HARDER than I even anticipated.  Running up hills, is much different than walking up them and I struggled.  A couple of these hills were”no joke” and I was impressed with the men and women who ran up them with seemingly no effort.

(Disclaimer:  the director of this trail run, did tell me this was the hardest trail they have offered for Rock It Racing and that I did good considering its difficulty…so I felt a tad better and a little justified.  HA)


Winded….I finished, not with the best time…..but I did it and I was proud of myself for showing up and doing something “new”.


Would I do it again…..????  YES.  And I am already committed to their holiday trail run series starting in October.  If anything to improve my time and to continue my quest in thriving and living my best life ever.

I felt great.  I was proud of myself.


Then Monday came along and the reality of this hit me square in the face:


Oh yea.  I still have cancer.

Every 3 months, I have to get my tumor markers checked, and then go meet with my oncologist…..every 6 months I need to be scanned to check for progression.

And while I have been stable now for 2 years… this doesn’t get any easier.  I become stressed and very emotional…..I often cry.   Because I know that everything could change….



But I remind myself, that I have a wonderful life.  Even with cancer.  

I remind myself that I know how to “LIVE”.  Even with cancer.  

I am grateful for all of the experiences I have had and will continue to have.  Even with cancer.  

That no matter what……I am grateful for the time I do have, and will continue to live intentionally and authentically me.  Even with cancer.  

I am not your glass half full girl….I am the glass half empty girl.

And  I look at that glass half empty and I commit to making those last few swallows the BEST.EVER.  Even with cancer. 

More trails running?

Yes, please.  Even with cancer.  


Cancer Update:  My tumor markers are low and I continue to be stable.  Upon a back and forth discussion, my oncologist agreed to let me go for 6 months until she sees me next.   I AM SO  HAPPY.

……and I will get back to documenting our Iceland trip.



3 thoughts on “I love my life….. Even with cancer.

  1. You have an incredible spirit, Lesley! Congratulations on your uphill run! My husband is battling cancer right now and we keep focused on our blessings! Life is good and God is in our corner.

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