Iceland Adventure: Day 4, Part 2

Who knew it would take so long to journal a trip, but there was just so much we saw, and then not enough……


I feel like we just flew through and past the small town of VIK.

But we did stop to at Dyrhólaey and the basalt sea stacks at Reynisfjara beach.  The winds were pretty brutal here, and Mike was not feeling too hot, so we opted not to do the little hike to get to the lighthouse for better pictures of the arches.

It surely was beautiful though.  Here are the pics I did get.






We then ventured to this geosite called Dyrhólaós and Loftsalahellir.   We climbed up to the cave, which used to be a meeting place for the people back in the very early 1900’s and close by is Gálgaklettur or “gallows rock”, where apparently they used to execute their criminals.  (no proof has ever been found of this)

It was such a full day, our little camper needed fuel…(gas is about $6.50 a gallon there), so we continued to head north to find an OLIS and someplace to camp for the night.

We settled in on some side road (204) near a series of streams, close to the town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur, pulled out our table and chairs, bundled up…..had a nice little appetizer dinner, then shut ourselves up in the van.





Even though it didn’t get dark until after 10pm, we had no problem falling asleep, after such busy days.  The wind usually howled all night long and there was this bird that made this sound like a goat.  I felt like this bird was following us where ever we were camping.  I researched it and found that it is called the “Common Snipe”.  Here is a video of what it sounds like:


Between that drumming noise from the snipe,  howling winds, and sometimes pouring rain, there was never a dull night.

We slept well though, even in freezing temps….WHY?

We had the perfect sleeping bags.  They made all the difference.  Kept us warm all night.  It was just a bummer if you had to pee  at 2am.

And thus ended, day #4.


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