Iceland Adventure: Day 4

We woke up the next day to this view, near the small city of Hella.


And after some coffee, a quick breakfast and filtering our water for the day….we were back on the road.   Hella Iceland

On this day we drove from Hella to Kirkjubæjarklaustur

The challenging thing for me in documenting this trip was the names of the all these places we stopped at.  Sometimes on the map, I would get confused because every word looked the same to me and God forbid, I would have to even say a word or two.  Most of the time I just made up up a “lesley-friendly” word to remember.

Now that I have the time to look back, I realized that what I marked in my book was not actually what we saw, so I have had to go back and figure out where we were and what we actually visited.  HA.

Our first off the ring road adventure this day was to see a few waterfalls on the 261 through the lush Fljótshlíð hills.  The weather was still pretty darn cold, but we seemed to catch a break for a couple hours here.

These goats were hilarious.  At first they were fine as we approached them but then all of a sudden, they took off and seemed to be running for their lives.

Running Icelandic Goats
Running Icelandic Goats or are they rams?

On the 261 we enjoyed the great views of 3 waterfalls, like Gluggafoss,  and the Markarfljót river delta .

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And the waterfall videos

The weather went south from here…..from rain to full on hail and then snow.
We got back on the Ring Road and landed at Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall is the most famous, as you can see it from the (1) and you are able to walk behind it.  We waited out the hail and the wind in the car for about 10 minutes.  Once it cleared up a bit, we bundled up and ventured around the falls.  It took us about 20 minutes and just in time, because then the snow started.  Iceland weather is no joke.




We were now cold and hungry and wanted sometime HOT.

Our next stop was at SOLHEIMAJOKULL GLACIER.  We were able to grab a $10.00 bowl of asparagus soup with bread (they ran out of bread, so I ran out to the camper because I had bread in the cooler).

If you look really close, you can see people climbing it the glacier



Then we were back on the road.  Two more places to stop before we finally landed for our next night in the camper.




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