Iceland Adventure: Day 2.

Our second day on the island was a FULL one.

Mike ended up getting to meet with potential clients to find out if his company could import Icelandic fish directly into Los Angeles.  Can you say…..Synchronicity?  (and tax write off?)

Gudmundur , the fresh fish sales manager of Iceland Seafood, picked us up bright and early at 8am.



Me taking selfies in the corporate office.
Me taking selfies in the corporate office.

NOTE:  As the wife of a fresh fish importer…I really enjoy learning about Mike’s job and what he does and all of the details that go in to importing fish, etc.  

After meeting with the staff, CEO, cargo guys in the main office, we hit the road to visit a handful of fisheries that caught the fish that could potentially be brought in to the LA market.


I was so impressed with the operations and high standards by which Iceland does their business.  Every single facility we went to, we got to dress up in these outfits before touring the plant.


At each operation, Gudmundur picked up a sample of the fish that could potentially be imported.  He had found a chef that would prepare the  fish for us……so we ended up in the coastal city of Grindavik at a restaurant called Hja Hollu, where the {female} head chef, prepared about 7 different dishes for us.  By the time we were done, I was stuffed and didn’t know how I was going to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon.

Gundurmun and Mike and a sampling of the fish dishes we had, that included wolffish, cod and arctic char.
Gundurmun and Mike and a sampling of the fish dishes we had, that included wolffish, cod and arctic char.
The seaport that they bring the fish in to.
Mike and Gudmundur meeting with Alda, the general manager of Einhamar Seafood.


That was already such a full day but Gudmundur  also took us to do some initial sightseeing on our way back to our AirBnB.

We stopped at the Krysuvik-Selton hot springs.  It was pretty amazing.  These hot springs are way too hot (at 200 degrees) to get in to…and the smell……ew.  Sulphur.

I have too many pictures so put this together.

After the hot springs we drove by Kleifarvatn Lake.  



Photos just don’t do any of this justice.

Question:  What is this?


At first from afar, I thought it was grapes but then Gudmundur drove us closer and we soon realized it was all drying fish.    Tons of it.  I guess this fish supplies parts of Africa.  Interesting.

We got back to our apartment, took a 2 hour nap and then we were headed out to a late night dinner with Gudmundur and Tollie at a restaurant called KOL. 

Our new Icelandic friends. Gudmundur and Tollie.
We are still a little tired but having a wonderful time.
Donkey : BEST DRINK EVER. It’s the Icelandic version of a Moscow Mule.

We ended our night around midnight.

Off to bed, for the next day we pick up our KuKu Camper.


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