Iceland Adventure: Day 1.

Day 1.  

We spent 14 hours on planes and in airports.


We left LAX at 8am on Wednesday.

We arrived at Keflavik airport at 5:45am on Thursday.


A couple things to note upon arriving in Iceland.

  1.  Buy all of your alcohol at the airport through duty free.  Otherwise you will pay 40% more at the Vinbudin which is the state owned liquor store that is not always open when you want it to be.
  2. If you need transportation to get to Reykjavik, you can buy bus tickets on the airplane.  We used Flybus.   And I think the tickets were less expensive if you bought them on the plane.


Iceland makes it very convenient to buy your alcohol at the airport. You can't get to baggage claim or customs without going through the Duty Free store. Good set up.
Iceland makes it very convenient to buy your alcohol at the airport. You can’t get to baggage claim or customs without going through the Duty Free store. Good set up.

We were pretty exhausted when we arrived and the only thing I wanted to do was get to our AirBnB and take a shower and a nap.   Iceland is 7 hours ahead of PST.

Our AirBnB hostess was gracious to allow early arrival, without an additional charge.  And after our initial introduction and some chit chat, we  didn’t see her for the two days we were in her flat.

I think we took a 4 hour nap, and then I forced us to get up and venture downtown.   Trying to get to their time zone was going to take a couple days.



That’s the only way I can describe our introduction to the weather.

The day we arrived, Iceland decided to revisit winter.

Our first stop in downtown was to buy Mike another beanie hat.

Then we had to dodge the wind chill of negative 100 (exaggeration)  for something HOT to drink.

I pretty much didn’t wear makeup the entire time I was there….too cold and too much effort.

We spent some time walking through the downtown shopping area.


and this was the first museum we came across.



I am not kidding.  Fortunately, it was closed by the time we walked by.  But I am pretty sure, I didn’t want to go in and pay to see penises.

Nor buy my friends souvenirs from this shop.  HA.

We visited Hallgrímskirkja church and were able to go to the top for some great views of the city.


That is a statue of Leif Erickson, the Icelandic explorer who most consider to have landed on North America long before Columbus.



Aren’t the colors of the city just amazing?   80% of the population in Iceland live in Reykjavik and its surrounding cities.

After just a tad more sightseeing, we were freezing and exhausted, we landed at our first meal on the island.

The nordic Gods are big here.



Meals are expensive here. This one cost over $55.00, we had nothing to drink but water. Tips are included in prices.

Mike had the meat soup  (DELICIOUS!!!)  and tried their pickled herring (not so delicious).

I had the smash fish gratin with rye bread.

We did eat lamb  while we were there and after I had some of Mike’s meat soup, it was all I wanted wherever  we went.


That  pretty much ended our first day.

We went back to the apartment and went to bed by 7pm.

The bad thing is, I was up at midnight and Mike by 2am.

We had a very early day to get ready for with some of Mike’s potential clients.



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