Take A Hike: Los Pinos Peak

No hiking for me today.  Besides a bum knee, (from a stupid fall, while walking the dog)  I am also dealing with a shoulder injury that I am currently in physical therapy for.   Oh FUN!!  I am not supposed to pack any weight for a month.  So unless I want to re-injure it, I must force myself to HEAL so that I can do all the fun treks that I have coming up.

So for now I will just share about one of the trails that I have done from this list of many.   I am hoping to write about all of them.  Not in any detail but mostly for my own archival purposes and to maybe encourage others to get outside and HIT the trails.


Los Pinos Peak 

Level –  Easy/Moderate

Elevation – 4455′

Distance – About 4.5 mi.  5.2 if you park at the gate and hike up.

Time – 2.5-3 hours with a stop for a snack or lunch at the peak

Location –  Cleveland National Forest off the Ortega Hwy.  (74)  Park at the junction of Long Canyon Road and Main Divide right before you get to the BlueJay Campgrounds.    IF the gate is open you can drive right up to the trail head…..but I wouldn’t recommend it for a regular 2-wheel drive car.

Adventure Pass and Dogs –  YES and YES.


If you are walking up from the gate look for the greenish metal rail that marks the trail head.  There is also a sign but the rails are easier to spot.

The trails is fairly level with some moderate rolling little hills.  Some rocky areas as well as a stretch that has erosion but easy to maneuver around.  Nothing too hard and a good beginning trail for anyone who would like to get their feet wet with some good rewarding vistas at some elevation.



Once you get to the peak, look for the little summit register to sign.  It’s always fun to see who was there before you.   Take a break and head back down.


Barkley always enjoys a good view.
The register
Clear day and we could see Catalina in the distance.


Always a good time with my favorite guy.

This is a wonderful and quick morning hike




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