Love for Cooking  and Miso Soup 

Growing up in Hawaii, I was exposed to a melting pot of cultures, not to mention my own diverse nationalities of Hawaiian, Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, and Native American.  My mom cooked home made meals most every day,  and we always sat together as a family. In any given week, we might have kalua pig, pork and peas, hamburger curry to cabbage rolls.  Rarely,  do I remember us having a hamburger and we hardly ever, had soda, Coke, pop in our house.

Cooking was and is a love language of my mom’s….she always makes sure that she presents a good meal. She has passed that down to me.  I absolutely LOVE to stand in my kitchen, cut and chop and season and stir and make delicious meals that my family will love.

I will plan spreads for Christmas Eve, New Years, football games, special events weeks in advance.

Then someone will ask me, “how do you make __________?  “) (Fill in the blank). And I’ll say, cut this and sauté this and add this….. With no measurements, as I don’t cook that way. I cook by seeing and tasting.  I always have.


Transitioning to a whole foods, plant based diet, with some seafood has definitely changed my repertoire of recipes.  I am learning to tweek my favorites, and am creating/writing my own new file of yummy, wholesome, good for you, and your body dishes as I learn the way of the plant based diet

Today, I’ll share my miso soup recipe. It’s not new, as I’ve been serving it for years but now I use it as a main course so I’ve added more to make it a heartier meal.

Plus it’s a recipe you just can’t mess up.

Here you go:

Lesley’s Miso Soup

Filtered water , as much as you want.  I do 4 -5 cups. It makes enough to feed Mike and I, plus he has leftovers for lunch.

Firm tofu – squeezed of excess water and sliced into squares.  I use half a block. Trader Joes has a convenient size. (See pic)

Dried Shiitake mushrooms.( You can get these at Trader Joes or any Asian store) soak for 30 min. then chop.  I use the whole package.

Portobello mushrooms. (I use 1 large one) sliced.

Green onions , chopped.

Seaweed sheets. 2-3. Use kitchen sheers to cut in strips or squares.  Your choice.

Handful of broccoli crowns

Miso. (It comes in white, red, black and yellow) we prefer the red, though the white or yellow is more common. Be sure you get organic non GMO.  You can find a ton of information on the health benefits of miso but I’ve included this link for you.


In your pot of filtered water, add all your ingredients except the green onions, miso and seaweed.

Bring to a boil and cook until broccoli is to desired firmness.  (3 minutes for us)

In serving bowls place cut up seaweed.

When your broccoli is done, remove pot from heat.  Add miso by the spoonfuls to desired taste. For us, we like it strong so I add about 1/3 cup.  Do not boil your soup after adding the miso, as it destroys all the good probiotic enzymes.

Once to taste…..serve in bowls and top with green onions.

Enjoy!!  And let me know if you liked it.



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