Take a Hike: Josephine Peak via Colby Canyon

Level : Moderate/strenuous 

Mileage: 8.4 miles but my tracker had me at 10. 

Hours: 5 with three stops for a snack, lunch and Barkley laying under a tree taking a break. 

Where: Off Highway 2, one mile past the Clear Creek ranger station. First dirt parking lot on left. Trailhead is not marked but begins at the very west end of the lot.

Adventure pass: I’ve heard conflicting yes and no’s. I have an annual pass so I always put it up. 


A great way to spend our Valentines Day. No crowds and cost us nothing more than gas.  There’s nothing like being in nature away from the hustle and bustle of life. The more I get out there, the more I fall in love with it. 

The trail starts with a little creek. It’s definitely seasonal as it was just slightly more than a trickle. It was pretty and in the shaded part of the hike. 

Right after this, about a quarter mile up, you are relentlessly going up hill, gaining elevation and in full sun. Not a summer hike for sure. Atleast not for me. 

 It’s rocky all the way up to the saddle and I was challenged. 

Once we got to the saddle, 2 miles up,  we took a short break, then started up and out to the fire road that would take us to the peak. 

The views were amazing as we could totally see Catalina.  This was a good distraction as once again, it was an all uphill climb to the top. 

We made it and in great time too.  We were proud of ourselves. 

Had some lunch, then headed back down the mountain. 

A very good way to spend a day with my favorite Valentine. 


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