Cancer Overload 

I’m really not a cry baby pity party attention seeking whiner.

I try to remain in a fluid place where there is space to move amidst the reality of what IS.
I know that I am not my diagnosis.

I really do KNOW that.

But …….. (and you knew that was coming)

There are times that I get overwhelmed by it all.

It seems to be happening too often.

Deaths, treatment failures, hospitalizations, rising tumor markers, progression, Echos, pleural effusion, tumors, whole brain radiation, liver failure, X-rays,  CT scans, MRI’s, IVs , blood transfusions, PET scans, spinal taps, pain……

Good news, bad news, no news.

Answers, no answers.

Cancer Overload.

So I react.

And I know it’s not pretty.

I cry.

Mostly in private, on my bed, while my furry 4 legged comforter nuzzles up next to me, gazing deep into my eyes….gently pawing my arm because he hates when I cry.

I know how to breathe.

I know how to LIVE.

Time out.







One thought on “Cancer Overload 

  1. Dear Lesley,

    We are all so fragile and as much faith as we have in God to heal us, we are still allowed to have a pity party and cry. Thank you for opening your heart to touch all your readers!

    God bless you, Cat

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