Take a Hike: West Fork National Recreation Trail

Level – easy

Mileage- 8 miles (but can make be adjusted shorter or longer)

Hours 4.5 includes a stop for lunch and enjoying the views

Location: off the 210 at Azusa Ave.  13 miles up San Gabriel Canyon Road.

Dogs:  yes

Need adventure pass


Wonderful early morning walk alongside the West Fork San Gabriel River.


The trail is basically a paved road all the way up.  I find that concrete is hard to walk on and by the end of 8 miles, my feet hurt.   Very easy walk, no elevation gain.


Barkley enjoyed his morning out. Climbing rocks and eating acorns.


Many places along the trail to stop and enjoy the river.  It’s known for its fishing opportunities with rainbow trout and Santa Ana Suckers. Though we saw not one fish.


When you go hiking with Jordan, my oldest, it’s always a comedy show where you end up making up stories about your adventure.  In this particular chapter of his hiking adventure, he was portraying a rock climbing bandit. He was doing really well until he got stuck and couldn’t make his way back down.  He quickly changed to the apple eating bandit because it was safer.


We had lunch at mile 4, then headed back.

I suggest going early  as it gets really crowded around 11:30. I can only imagine the spring and summer months.

I would go again on a weekday for an early morning workout.

My rating: B+




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