Blogging from my phone

November 1st, 2015:  My lap top died. For good.  While I was visiting my dad on Kauai.

Me hiking on Kauai with my niece McKayla in the background

The plan was to replace it once I got back to the “mainland” (Southern California) but that desire quickly  dissipated as I began to enjoy being unplugged.  So I didn’t, replace it.

Fast forward to today, I’m still without a computer and I’m totally okay with that. I’m in a phase of life where I don’t need one. If I need to get online, my trusty iPhone 6 can get the job done.  And if I’m desperate, I can use my husbands but I haven’t had a computer emergency in 3 months.

Mike and I have spent the past couple of years downsizing and simplifying our lives.  It’s been liberating. From clothing, to furniture, to material possessions, we’ve gone from 3,000 square feet to 1100 square feet, from 5 sets of dishes for every occasion to 1 set for every occasion.  I’ve weeded of over 500 pieces of clothing to just about 50 (capsule wardrobe) and we donated probably over 400  books, which used to take up 3 large bookshelves. Now we have one with 3 shelves.. Simplifying has brought us so much freedom. We find time to do what we want, when we want. With less choices, decision making is quick and when we you go out to buy something , we are making intentional and thoughtful choices. Gone are the days of frivolous spending for stuff you just don’t need. And present are the days of spontaneous outings, road trips, and less time spent cleaning and organizing clutter

I made excuses for why I can’t blog.  I don’t have a computer.  Again, simplifying would say, you have a phone. That’s all you need.

So I’m going to give it a try.

Blogging from my phone.


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