It’s About Time….{To Climb a Mountain}

Today’s post is part of the #itsabouttimeforMBC campaign sponsored by Gilda’s Club of Chicago.   You can get more information about the campaign here.  



I am not the bucket list type of person, I am not sure why, other than I feel like it puts too much emphasis on the urgency to get things done because time is ticking…………….(away).

If you look up the definition of time, there are so many ways to interpret this word that seems  fleeting.

a moment or definite portion of time allotted, used, or suitable for a purpose

a more or less definite portion of time in history or characterized by particular events or circumstances

the successful, fortunate, or influential part of a person’s life

I used to be in a rush for everything and nothing a few years back.


I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer in May 2013.

Time seemed to stand still.  My world stopped.   No longer was time fleeting but it spread out to me like the ocean……it looked to go on forever until it didn’t at the horizon line.

I sat at the shoreline of time for one year,  (I call it my life sabbatical 2013-2014) while I contemplated how I wanted to embark on this new direction in my life.

When faced with my own mortality of having an incurable disease, I realized that I could either fight it and be miserable in the process, using up energy, both physical and mental and going down a spiritual spiral that was not good for me.  Or, I could decide to do my part in ensuring that I was doing what was right for me, in my treatment(s) with metastatic breast cancer and thriving spiritually, mentally and spiritually.

My intention for life then, became this:

To move at the pleasure of my heart and soul. 

I spent time, searching deep within to find the things that brought me life.  I spent time, shedding the things that didn’t.

One of the biggest changes came for me in recognizing the effect nature had on me in a deep healing way.  So I took up hiking and backpacking seriously this past January, with a goal of climbing Mount Whitney (the highest mountain in the lower 48).

The Devil's Backbone - Mt. Baldy with my hiking buddy, Barkley.
The Devil’s Backbone – Mt. Baldy with my hiking buddy, Barkley.

I have hiked over 40 trails and bagged over 12 peaks, with the highest being over 11,000 feet.  And today, (September 21), I am making my first attempt at Mt. Whitney, at over 14,500 feet.

Cancer came as an unwelcome guest into my life, and my family’s life.  However, I  do not dwell…..I am  committed to LIVE, the best I know how, with  time that is spread out and vast….to be experienced.

Tomorrow may look different to me, as I continue to move at the pleasure of my heart and soul.

But for today……

“It’s about time… climb a mountain”

And I will.




Lesley has partnered with Make Moves, together they are holding their first annual, “Make Moves for #voicesofMBC Climb for the Cure on October 10, 2015. This is an easy 5 mile out and back hike to Echo mountain located in Alta Dena, CA. All proceeds will go Metavivor and Living Beyond Breast Cancer to help advocate and fund a cure for those living with metastatic breast cancer. You can find all the registration information here. If you can not come and hike with us, we have a go fund me account here, where you can help us (me) raise money for the #110 metastatic breast cancer patients that die “EVERY” day. Want more information about metastatic breast cancer, visit this website: MBCN.


7 thoughts on “It’s About Time….{To Climb a Mountain}

  1. Finding such joy in life despite the fear of fighting cancer makes your message that much more powerful… You make hiking look fun!

  2. Awesome to find your blog…I have a friend who started climbing 14ers in Colorado after her diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer. I also continue to hike and do smaller climbs despite my Stage IV breast cancer. I’m glad to hear you made it!!!

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