I said I “must”….So I am.

This post is one in a series of three that I am doing for various Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns going live this next week, starting on September 21, 2015.  All of my blogs will be reposted here, after they have been published on the organizations websites that I have been asked to write for.


It’s been awhile since I have written anything.   AT all….for the past 6 months.  Life has been crazy busy with kids moving out, us moving to a new place, some adventure traveling, me just needing a break and contemplating life living with cancer.  I don’t think the latter part will ever end….but having to write a few blogs in the past 48 hours has ignited a new spark to maybe begin again…atleast more frequently.

Back in January, I shared my intention to live my year in “MUSTS” not “could, should, would.”  You can read that post here.  

Now 9 months later…I am looking at a 30lb backpack, filled to the brim with  four days of food, clothes to layer (for expected snow and rain) , a bear bag, a stove, and a water filter that is ready to be worn on my trek to climb Mt. Whitney.

We leave tomorrow morning at 6am.

My Mt. Whitney climbing buddies, Sandi and Sharon. We were standing on Meysan Lake at 11,000 feet in July.

I am both excited and nervous.

Because if you would have told me 2 years ago, that at this point in my journey and in less than one year, I would have hiked over 30 trails, climbed and peaked 10 mountains, I probably would have laughed.

Chemo in 2013
After a bout of sepsis - 2013
After a bout of sepsis – 2013

If you would have told me on my darkest days that I would be “thriving” with an incurable cancer diagnosis.  I would have laughed.  I didn’t believe back then.

I do now.

I absolutely, hands down, LOVE my life.

Everything I am about now, is the experience.

My new mantra:  To move at the pleasure of my heart and soul.  

I want to meet life head on….with everything she has to offer.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake

No regrets.  Only adventures.  Only things that bring me life and happiness.  No regrets.

I hope to come back next Friday, with many stories of my experience of climbing the highest mountain in the lower 48.  I hope to have a summit picture for you.  But if not…what I will have is an experience of a lifetime.  And for me that is enough.



I have metastatic breast cancer.  Stage IV.  It is the only breast cancer that kills.  There is no cure.  #110 of my fellow met sisters, (and brothers) die daily because there is no cure.  This statistic hasn’t changed in over 30 years.  The pink tide of October awareness will not save them.  (or me).  We are the overlooked population in the breast cancer arena, that gets barely 7% of all funds for breast cancer research.  I am raising money to fund a cure.  I hope you will help me.  All monies will go to Metavivor and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Two organizations that will make sure 100% of your donation goes to help fund a cure and advocate for those of us with metastatic disease.  Please click here and give.  Any amount helps.  In just a few weeks, you will be inundated with pink everywhere.  You will be tempted to buy something pink.  I ask that you think twice and give where it will save lives.

Thank you.  And would you consider sharing this post with others.

2 thoughts on “I said I “must”….So I am.

  1. I admire your attitude and clarity on life and living! I too try to live by those standards! The “mets” world can be a scary place if you allow it to take over, but your mantra is one which will keep you in the light! Blessings to you.

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