2015 – the year of “MUST”

At the end of every year, I pick new words that help to guide my path through the next 12 months.

Last year my word was “Renaissance” – a renewal of life, vigor and revitalization.

I set 8 intentions for myself.









I  awakened to so much in 2014.  It truly was a great year.  The biggest game changers for me, were and still are, how to live in gratitude every day, and embracing silence as my main communication with God.  Though I did flourish in the other areas as well………

Coming up to 2015, I found it really hard to think of  a word that defined who I was and where I wanted to go.  Every word just seemed so trite.

Until I came upon this story……………



I had spent 2014 on a solo inward journey.  Finding me in very deep places.  Revisiting dreams and passions.  Discovering attributes about myself that even surprised me.

2015 was to be my year of “MUSTS”

The should road, the could road, the one day road, the someday road, should only ever be taken in moderation, and on your way to the MUST road.   ~Elle Luna

Having spent way too much time on the should, could, one day roads, I decided to step off…….once and for all.

I hold a list of things that Lesley “must” do….not because its a striving thing but because if I don’t do them, I will always wonder……..”what if.”

I am no longer about waiting.

For today is the only day promised to me.

Every sunrise starts a journey.

I am excited, anticipatory and yeah…just a little fearful.

But what is courage?  It is not the absence of fear, its learning to overcome it.

So what’s the first must on my list?  I won’t share them all, as they need to happen at their perfect time, but this one I am recording on another small blog.


In 8 months, I will be climbing the highest mountain in the contiguous United States at 14,500 feet with my friend, Sharon.

In 8 months I also turn 50 years old.

Its my year of jubilee friends.

I figured if I can conquer cancer, then I can conquer a mountain……right?  (insert a little yelp here)

My year of MUST.

Here we go……

4 thoughts on “2015 – the year of “MUST”

  1. How inspiring Lesley. I like the idea, to move on the could road towards a joyful must road, which might be actually the want road anyway:). I’ll now also choose done words for this year and set up my courage. Thank you for your inspiration!

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