Merry Christmas – Love, the Glenn’s

Thought I would share the newsletter that went out with our Christmas Cards this year, as I was not able to get out as many as we would have liked.

Much to be thankful for.  And I am looking forward to 2015, with much excitement and anticipation.


Dear Friends and Family,

Praying that this holiday season finds you peaceful and well.  We have so much to be thankful for, and this time of year always brings me to a time of reflection of the goodness of God in each of our lives.

It has been two years since I last sent out Christmas cards, as much has change for the Glenn’s …..but change is good and we are doing better than ever.  

We sold our Corona house of 13 years, a year and a half ago, and now (temporarily) reside in the little beach town of Belmont Shore.  It was bittersweet to sell the house that we raised all three kids in.  So many memories.  But living within walking distance to the ocean in pretty great.

So lets get to the family, here is a small snippet into everyone’s life.


Jillian (19) –  She is a sophomore at the University of Hawaii and is absolutely LOVING it.  As many of you have heard me say before, “she is the island girl, I never was.”  Majoring in biology, she is learning the native Hawaiian language and well as culture.  Life in Hawaii is meant to be lived outdoors and Jill is doing just that; hiking, camping, working in the lo’i (taro patches). swimming with dolphins, and most recently made a friend with a pilot who then gifted her a round trip flight for her and her roommate to visit her grandpa on Kauai in his plane. This girl of ours, embraces life, and sucks the marrow out of it.  She does have a new beau but as of this typing, I don’t have a recent pic of the two of them.  Griffin also attends the UH and is from Orinda, CA right outside of Berkley.


Justin (21) – Continues his studies at Long Beach City College and is currently holding a 4.0 GPA.  He is pursuing journalism, something we always knew he would be good at.  Given that he is a master in all baseball and football facts, we think he has found his niche.  While going to school, he works as a server at a high end but casual waterfront restaurant close to home.  He has been dating Kaytlin for a year.  She is an art major at Cal State Long Beach and makes him VERY happy which in turn makes me, very happy.


Jordan (26) – Took a major risk this past year.  After working retail 8 years and managing his own sports apparel store in Palm Desert, he decided that this wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. So after much soul searching ( and saving), he decided to quit his well paying job, and asked to move back home so he could pursue his dream.  After three months, Jordan landed a job with Southern Wine and Spirits as their regional sales rep for Redondo Beach.  He has been excelling in this position and even surprising himself.  Jordan has been dating Kayleigh now for 5 months and they make an adorable couple.


     Mike (almost 50) – Still working at New Zealand Seafood and pursuing his PHD in mystical studies.  He will graduate in May and we can then call him Dr. Mike Glenn.  Guess he will beat Jillian in the doctor department.  He is also working on his second book, and he and Lesley are making plans for a life change within the next 3-5 years.  (buying a farm? living abroad?)


     Lesley (not as close to 50 as Mike) – is an Arts Integration Specialist with the City of Long Beach’s after school programs.  I wrote a program called S.P.L.A.T. (Students Pursuing Literacy through Art Together), and it has been received with more success than I ever anticipated, even making it into our local newspaper for Long Beach.  Working 20-25 hours a week suits me well too.  I was able to secure a job for Kaytlin and am excited that she will be joining me to expand SPLAT to other school sites.  I have been offered many opportunities for expansion within the city, but have decided that I will take them as I have a vision for them.  Mike and I have been traveling quite a bit within our own national borders.  We call them adventures, and they are FUN!!!  The life of the empty nesters suits us well.


As far as the cancer goes, I remain stable.  I go in every three months for check ups and scans and blood work.  We as a family have come to peace with the diagnosis, and are not letting it detour us from living our lives to their fullest.  We have each learned how  precious life is, we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, and we no longer wait to pursue our dreams….we are making them a reality.  With peace and tranquility to embrace the path.


Life is truly a gift.  Thank you for being a part of ours.  Our prayer is that this next year will unfold its richest blessings to you and yours.  May you daily be AWARE of the goodness of God all around you, no matter what comes your way.


My year end post will come next… I can not wait for what the NEW YEAR holds.

Thank you for letting me share my life through this blog as it has evolved, with each of you.

NOTE:  I just noticed that all the pics of me are without makeup.  A year ago, I would have cared.  Today, I don’t.  What a difference a year makes.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – Love, the Glenn’s

  1. Merry Christmas Glenn family!!
    And you’re so beautiful I didn’t even notice you didn’t have make up on – I had to scroll back up and check it out. 😊

    Look forward to your year end post – they always inspire me!

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