Breathe “YES” to life

It used to be that I would stop to  pause in life to take deep breaths.

In moments of:  stress, busyness, worry, tiredness, or on the heels of bad news, whether mine or someone else’s.


Then cancer came knocking on my body’s door, and I found myself taking more deep breaths than I ever cared to imagine.  At times the deepness of my breaths caused me to stop breathing at all, which led to my gasping for breath, and for life itself.   (and in some circumstances this was literal for me in my treatment and fight)

It was in this point in time, when the awakening came, and I was conscious that every breath was LIFE.  My life.

Aware that I could spend the rest of my life taking “deep breaths” to counter act unfavorable outcomes OR …..

I could embrace  the gift of what breath means to my human form and

“Breathe YES to life” instead.

No matter what comes my way.

As I have intentionally sought to go deeper into what it means to LIVE, and to let go of any outcomes in my life here on earth…..

The deep breaths come…..BUT for different reasons now.







Life, a series of breaths, wrapped as tiny gifts to be opened every second.

All that is required is that you, we, I  breathe YES to life.


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